Daily Archives: 04.26.2011

If You Give a Kat a Bunny…

Mother Nature and I are in a battle of the ages right now.  We got one gorgeous day on Sunday, one mediocre day yesterday and today, it poured.  All day long.


That’s what I keep chanting to myself, anyway.

With the setting of the sun that we couldn’t actually see because of the unusually heavy cloud cover (I’m sure there were three stars out there somewhere), Passover ended.

I took part in my favorite breaking-Passover activity, chomping the ears off of the bunny from my Easter basket.

Some people go the bread-route, but this?  This is SO much more vindicating.

Especially since that baguette of yours?  Probably doesn’t look so good with a bow tie.


He didn’t even stand a chance.

I also had the joy of sampling some homemade chocolate-covered marshmallows that my sorority sister-turned-co-worker, Bri made.   I was ready to play paparazzi and make some snaps happen, but somehow on the car ride home, I managed to squash the decorations beyond all recognition.

Oops.  My B.

How long does it take you to devour a chocolate bunny?

Truth be told, I only made it through about half of this one tonight before leaving it behind at the Green Mill.  Reality happens.

Do you ever make homemade versions of store-bought treats during the holidays?

Honest-to-God, the whole Peanut Butter Egg thing was my first foray into that dark, delicious world.