Daily Archives: 04.25.2011

Taking a break from holidays…for awhile.

Happy Monday, kittens!

It was so much fun to read about your Easter-capades 🙂  And, thank you all for the sweet words about my outfits!  I’m definitely planning on posting pictures more regularly, just not on a daily basis.  What I wear to work is deadly-boring at worst and lazy at best.

So, the good news?  We are FINALLY over the holiday hump, with the exception of breaking Passover tomorrow night.

Yes, that means all of the Easter-feasting Marcus and I did was Kosher for Passover.  Thank God for amazing parents, right?

I have to say, I’m thankful.  I can take one day of holiday feasting in stride.  Two days?  Means a little bit more vigilance on the treadmill.

But four days of feasting?  I basically need to detox.

Or, more logically, I could just take a break from holidays for a while 😉

As per the usual, le jardin continues to FLOURISH.  And yet, it continues to monopolize my window seat.

Apparently we might be getting another spot of snow late-night on Wednesday or something horrifying like that.

So we continue to mimic a greenhouse as best we can.

After seeing a clip of Ina Garten’s tomato plants on The Barefoot Contessa, I realized that perhaps, I should have investigated how large tomato plants can become when they’re full-grown.  You know, SINCE I PLANTED 12 OF THEM.

Apparently at full-size, they’re not exactly petite.  Or manageable, really.

Translation: The tomato section of Ina’s garden?  Was a freaking JUNGLE.

Thankfully, Sue is willing to take our flock of tomato plants when they get too rowdy to deal anymore, and will incorporate them into her garden.  Because they have a yard…and space…and stuff.

All I’m thinking is OH THANK GOD.

On a totally unrelated note, if you have the time for some “fun” reading, or you’re just in the mood…All you ever wanted to know about Rahs.  I didn’t realize I was reading it wearing a paisley pashmina until I was about halfway down.  It was historic.

How do you get back to life-as-usual following a holiday?

I usually stick to unprocessed foods and tea, so nothing particularly innovative, really.

Have you ever planted something without having ANY idea of what the actual finished product is meant to turn out like?

I’ll be honest, beyond the actual tomatoes you get at the store, I’ve never spent any real time inspecting tomato plants in their natural state.