Daily Archives: 04.24.2011

An Epic Easter

Happy Easter, kittens!

Picking out a ‘fit to color eggs was more of a challenge than I would like to admit.  I wanted something dark (dye safety…you know), comfortable and put together.

After settling on a cardigan and top, I channeled The Man Repeller and invoked the rule of More is More.  We added: A white jade necklace, That Lavender Belt, and (in my Dad’s words) Those Weird Shoes That Are In Right Now.

Hello booties, I ♥ you.

I was pretty pleased with the way the situation turned out.  Especially since I bought those booties in…2006?  2007?  And have probably only worn them out a total of five times since.

If you take nothing else away from this post today, remember that if it still fits and the construction is high-quality, you should NEVER throw it out/give it away.

We did run into a bit of trouble with the egg coloring this year – since the eggs weren’t freshly boiled, being all artistic with the crayons proved to be problematic.  Polka dots were a Yes, interpretations of Monet’s Water Lilies were a No.

And, David and Sue brought those adorable white egg holders (Crate + Barrel if you’re interested!).  We filled them up last night and Mom stuck them about today – they were a wonderful (and slightly different!) decorative touch for Easter.

Our transition: Where Passover leaves you feeling as if you’ve discovered that it IS possible to OD on meat, Easter hits you upside the head with a vicious sugar rush.


Good morning, sunshine.

We gathered for breakfast at 8:30 AM.  It was a little bit impromptu and a lot fabulous.

A long strand of pearls. A nautical top. Loafers. The only things you need to be able to eat scrambled eggs properly. Really.

The Easter Bunny’s existence (much like that of Santa Claus) has never been successfully confirmed or denied in our home.  Given that this lovely line-up of baskets appeared in our living room overnight, it’s safe to say that our furry friend is alive and well.

The contents of our stash: Hollow Chocolate Rabbits, Peanut Butter-filled Chocolate Rabbits, TJ's Peanut Butter Eggs, Chocolate Eggs, Monies.

Yes, we have matching Easter Baskets.  And we’ve been using them for as long as I can remember.  When Marcus joined the group, Mom basically shook down the metro area in her effort to find him one that matched.  Given that our current set is probably twenty years old and extremely distinctive looking, this was the Endeavor Of The Century.

We briefly adjourned to do some grocery shopping (FYI: Trader Joe’s is open on Easter), actioned some tasks ’round the house (and I gave a bit of attention to my mitts + paws)  and re-convened for afternoon festivities.

The past two weeks have been fairly miserable as far as the weather has been concerned and I was craving nothing more than a sunny, bright Easter Sunday.

Today, we were rewarded.

This outfit did NOT want to cooperate for the camera. So please humor me and imagine it in front of the Parthenon instead.

Spot enjoyed the fresh air too, but he's a bit of a diva when it comes to the camera.

It was a perfect afternoon for drinking wine in the sun and playing cousin-catch-up.

Plus, Easter Egg Hunting for cash was just as competitive (hello cousin on cousin sprints) and slightly more lucrative than last year.  Over the course of a minute, I added another $10 to the Sweet Outfits For Our European Honeymoon-fund.


Does your family rock the matching Easter baskets?

Do you still egg hunt?

p.s. Because he needs a shout-out, Marcus has been doing ALL of my outfit snaps for the last week.  He rolls his eyes, but when I tell him what I’m seeing in my head, he makes it happen.  What a man, right? 🙂