Daily Archives: 04.23.2011

Taking the Bad With the Good

Happy Saturday, kittens!  I’ve been living and loving the weekend with a latte in-hand (I was Daring and went for a medium).  And truly, I’ve been enjoying some of The Most Excellent Hair I’ve had in a long while.

When Excellent Hair happens, it has to be Acknowledged.  If that’s not God’s Truth, I don’t know what is.

In other weekend news, I finally got the With Muscles tank I won via Ann’s giveaway!

So I thought that it would probably be a bit of fun to take it for a run this morning.

The finished product…

Little Known Fact: This is only the second time EVER (since I started running in January 2010) that I've run with shorts on.

And maybe this sounds a bit vain/missing-the-point, but I LOVED that the tank was a bit longer on me.  I should like to be able to give the illusion that my torso is longer than it actually is, even when competing in feats of strength.

The life of a Fashionista stops for nothing.

Plus new workout clothes =  a nice way to celebrate.  This morning?  Was my last “long run” before next weekend’s half marathon.

In the past seven weeks, I have run 246 miles.

And in the next week, I’ll tack on another 20 or so and call it good.

Training for a half marathon this time?  Has been REALLY different.  I’ve been lucky to have a lot(!) of really great long runs.  I’ve been lucky to avoid injury.  I’ve managed not to put on any race weight.

But today’s run?  Was only seven miles.  And it DRAGGED.  And it was ENDLESS.  And it was BORING.

Which got me to thinking.

(And we all know how dangerous THAT is.)

If I had a dollar for every blog post I read in the last month in which people dissected the absolutely shiteous run they had (the Internet has been on A Roll), and how it was just the most demoralizing thing ever, I would basically be the richest girl on the face of the planet.

If I wrote a blog post every time I had a hellacious run, my readership?  Would be gone.  With the wind.

Yes, this is the part of the show where I dole out some tough love.

Reality Check: Running is HARD.

Yes, there are A LOT of days where there’s no better feeling than coming home, tying my shoes and just hucking along as the sun drops in the sky and the evening birds chirp.  Running is joy.

Okay, so given that my iPod is blasting at max volume while I’m out, the evening birds thing might have been a bit of a creative liberty.  We continue.

But there are also days where running is time-consuming, painful and distracting.  Where I never leave my body, my leg cramps and my breathing doesn’t fall into place.

I mean, think about it for a second.  You’re flinging over a hundred pounds of meat at the pavement ~9,000-10,000 times over the course of an hour.

There are nights where I come home and spend inappropriate amounts of time hot-packing before bedtime, trying to figure out if my joints are sore because I’m not eating enough protein or if I’ve been secretly running off my stride.

But it’s all part of the deal.

And if there’s anything I’ve learned from running, it’s that things?  Feelings?  Circumstances?  Are FAR more fluid than we give them credit for.  Given that I’m a set-in-stone-type of girl, there was absolutely nothing more astonishing than the fact that in most cases, if you give something one, two, five, 10, 15 minutes, it will iron itself out and you’ll be able to move on.

And luckily for almost all of us, the good runs we have FAR outnumber the bad.

Runners: How do you deal with bad runs?

What are your Easter plans, kittens?

I am actually off to color eggs as we speak!