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Friday Food Round-Up!

Since the first half of the week was spent at the Seder table (in addition to the dietary laws involved with the week), this week is a slightly more eclectic mix of eats than I think we’re used to.

And by that, I mean if it were any other week, y’all would totally think that I’m falling off the wagon.

Good news.  I’m not.

Depending on what your understanding of Passover is, you may or may not know that during the holiday, Jews abstain from eating leavened bread, other things made with yeast (beer, wine), and kitiniot.  Kitiniot = Things that may be stored with grains and therefore be inadvertently confusing.

Despite the fact that I have no problem identifying rice, beans and corn as Not Grain, our ancestors might have, so we say no.

Back in the day when I was a processed foods-embracer, Passover was a real problem.  But now, besides being mildly annoying, Passover doesn’t really make eating harder because I don’t have to play a rousing round of Find The HFC.

Sunday – Spicy Sausage Patties with Lettuce Wraps from Nigella Kitchen

You see, the thing is, Marcus and I were looking for a recipe that would leave us with enough food for dinner and exactly one lunch worth of leftovers as we were moving into a week’s worth of Passover observances.

If there’s one thing that’s more disappointing than Not Having Enough Leftovers, it’s Having Delicious Leftovers That You Can’t Eat.

So when I grabbed the cookbook, it opened to this recipe which looked delicious and exactly like what we were craving.  It was A Sign.

Even though I can’t physically handle Jalapenos (they DO NOT get along with my skin), we’ve been incorporating them into a TON of our dishes lately and this one was no different.  Two jalapenos sounds spicy, but in practice, the flavor was completely reasonable.

What was unbelievable: Watching Marcus eat lettuce-wrapped something and remarking about its deliciousness.

The End Times are upon us.

Wednesday – Matzo Pizza

If you loved those pizza Lunchables as a pup or naan pizza in the here and now, then matzo pizza?  Is probably also your thing.  Think: Sauce, Toppings, Cheese.  Bake at 400 until all cheese is melted.  Serve.


Because my goal is to make Passover eating as delicious and pain-free as possible, I decided that it was time for us to start thinking outside the box.

The solution?  Non-traditional pizzas!  We ended up actioning one to share with pesto, leftover roasted potatoes (sliced), caramelized onions, and cheese (along with goat cheese for her).

Basically, seeing is believing.

HOLY YUM.  I can’t WAIT to re-create this one on a Real Crust.

We’ve also loaded up on other delectables like mushrooms (to roast and then use), artichoke hearts and avocados.  If nothing else, I plan to expect greatness from this weekend.

Readers, have you put any non-traditional spins on your favorite dishes this week?

Passover observers, what’s the most interesting/tastiest thing you’ve eaten outside of a Seder this week?