Hunt Clothes

Yes, I know that I waited until THE THURSDAY BEFORE EASTER to bring y’all a few of my favorite wardrobe selections.

But I feel like this is countered by the fact that most of you probably live near a Target/Anthro/GAP/Ann Taylor/Lilly via store.  And I kind of think we all learned our lesson after I picked out a handful of cute, spring-y Passover ‘fits and then Mother Nature rolled in and threw down.

Glass half-full: Maybe you live in a state that is sales tax-free on clothing a la the Land of 10,000 lakes.  Or maybe you’re travelling out-of-town TO a Shangri-La that’s sales tax-free on clothing.  A girl can hope, right?

For whatever reason, I feel like Easter lends itself more to dresses than to pants.  So we’re going that route, even though I’m 100% positive I’ll be wearing leggings.

My only disclaimer: Do not, under any circumstances wear white if you’re planning to set foot anywhere near the vicinity of someone who is coloring eggs.  Regardless of whether or not you attempt to take part in the festive fun, the situation is only going to end up in sadness.  For you.

My picks?

You might need to look polished for church or a brunch out.  You might just want an eatin’ dress so you can tuck into your family’s spread on the dining room table.  Regardless, there’s no reason to look anything less than gorgeous.

Don’t carry a big bag.  Why?  Because unless you’re planning on putting the eggs you find INTO the bag, it’s just unwieldy and unnecessary.  There’s a reason this holiday revolves around baskets as a decorative theme.  WORK WITH THAT.

I so wish that I could have found my Intended Arrangement on the internet, but seeing as it was a $15 sale-rack find from Express, I wasn’t particularly surprised by the situation.  I grabbed with the intention of bringing it on the honeymoon (covered shoulders!  holy sites!), but once I tried it on it was an OMG EASTER-revelation.

Are you an Easter dress person?

What are you planning on wearing come Sunday?

Kittens, no one had any Easter fashion mysteries to solve, but we did have a few PSAs, so here goes!

Laura would love for all five-year old boys to turn-up to services rocking the suspenders-tie-fedora combination that one of her students sported earlier this week.  Check it and have a laugh.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Dana warns us that Easter Lilies are deadly poisonous to cats (I’m pretty sure that Lilies of the Valley and Poinsettias are as well).  If someone tries to bring one in your door, do yourself a favor and exile it to the garage…Forever.


8 responses to “Hunt Clothes

  1. I wish that we were more of an Easter Dress type of family, but we’re more of a jeans and pastel shirt type. We usually just stay around my mom’s house and have a casual family dinner.

  2. I”ll be spending Easter in all black, since I’m doing the trumpet playing thing…

  3. I’m not sure what I’m wearing on Sunday, it will depend on the weather. But I DO know that it will be colorful!

  4. Who knew about the Easter Lillies and Cats issue. Thanks for the tip on that.

  5. I always worry about the implication of looking like a sausage in leggings. I’m more of a “pants and cartigan” girl. Then again, I’m almost 6′ tall and still a big currrrvy (i.e. not at my goal weight). Short spring dresses are not in my current wardrobe, but I definitely see them in my future. Have an awesome Easter weekend, my dear!

  6. It’s raining here in beijing… So ill probably be wearing rain boots out for easter but im my heart ill be wearing a lovely floral easter dress 🙂
    Stumbled across your blog, enjoying your posts. Happy easter weekend.

  7. Wee ‘Burb was supposed to wear the dress she wore to my brother’s wedding but a) it’s sleeveless and b) she STILL isn’t walking so I can’t have her dragging her cold knees around the house.

  8. We don’t really celebrate Easter- my family just uses it as an excuse to make a lot of food and eat all day- but I love to get dressed up! Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I bound downstairs wearing a dress when everyone is still in their PJs, but oh well 🙂

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