Daily Archives: 04.20.2011

Wedding Wednesday

And finally, we’re back to our regular programming.

I always forget just how busy holidays are until I find myself the day-after, just trying to catch up on…life.  That being said, I’m almost back-on-track with our to-do list.

And then there’s that heap of stuff that will be pushed off outright until the weekend.  Give Thanks, everyone.

So, let’s go for another round, shall we?  Wedding Wednesday always marches to the beat of its own drum.


It is always so reassuring when your friends call the hotel you’re having the wedding reception at and when they ask for your block of rooms, the receptionist tells them that there isn’t a wedding that night.

So then you call the hotel to clear everything up.

And then another group of friends calls the hotel and they tell them that there isn’t a wedding there that night.


What else is super encouraging: The Shout House Dueling Pianos that we booked (read: the music for the reception)?  Aren’t part of The Shout House anymore.  At least after spending two weeks trying to track them down via e-mail, they were so kind as to let us know that they don’t actually have a playlist.

They just play thousands of songs.



So far, so good!  We’ve received RSVPs for a total of 132 guests so far which definitely exceeds expectations in my book.

My favorite piece of feedback (besides the fact that they’re rather nice looking and yes, I owe y’all a picture) came almost immediately after they were sent.  I laughed so hard I almost had tears.

Dearest Kat,

On behalf of polite society, I would like to thank you for your choice of wedding invitations. They are timeless, elegant, and appropriate. I continue to be surprised at how couples insist on having a “theme” such a seashells or foliage or “summer-casual-rustic-but-still-chic-and-totally-DIY,” and the need for the invitation to reflect such choices. For what it’s worth, I immediately identified your theme — wedding. Excellent.

With fondest regards,


(Not that you need my validation, of course!)


Thank You Notes

Our first round of notes are completed and we received our “Official” wedding thank you notes from the printer.

This might seem like the silliest thing in the world, but the monogram just KILLS me.

Having a four-initial name (soon it will be five…I’m adding my last name as another middle name), I’ve never been able to monogram anything properly.

How burdensome.

And now?  I’m ready to monogram everything in sight.  Pillow cases, polos and towels, consider this your notice.

Dancing Shoes

So I kind of have a weird problem.

I STILL haven’t managed to figure out what pair of shoes I want to wear on The Big Day.

Right?  Coming from a girl who basically can’t stop shopping, that’s crazy talk right there.

I mean, I have a pair that I bought last summer for our engagement party with the intention of wearing them on our wedding day as well.  But I’m not 11/10 sure that they’re The Shoes.  While I’m not super-fascinated by my wedding dress (because the Practical Me REALLY doesn’t appreciate that you only wear it once), I am kind of attached to the idea that I might wear the shoes from our wedding day for…a really long time.

So, Universe, this is me begging.  Please, please, PLEASE reveal my wedding shoes to me.  And please don’t let them cost $700.

What songs do you think are non-negotiable reception dance songs?

Are you coveting a specific pair of shoes right now?

p.s. Tomorrow we’ll FINALLY be covering what to wear for Easter!  If you have any fashion mysteries you want me to address for the holiday, leave it in the comments section!