Daily Archives: 04.19.2011

A Clear-Cut Case of More is More

Kittens, because of our Seders, I’ve spent the past two days exercising in the early A.M. (read: 4:30).  It is a killer.  I am beyond exhausted and absolutely can’t wait to sleep for more than five hours in one go.  That being said, there’s something fairly magical about starting your day watching Paula Deen deep-fry pickled okra.  Or watching Ina Garten make two bricks of cream cheese into an assortment of dips (along with sourcing three loaves of bread) for a four-person luncheon.

Or, it might just be totally depraved.

Your call.

Regardless, by the time I made it home from work today, I flung my body into bed, napped-it-out for an hour and pronounced myself good-to-go for the evening.

Marcus may have been a little bit confused as he watched me silently snarf fruit compote, but bless his heart, he rolled with it.

Even though the Winter Storm Watch we were under this morning got lifted, it was still freezing and gray outside, so I decided that it was okay to continue with the cold weather-styling.

I don’t want to say that I’m excited to put my riding boots away (we’re making up for A LOT of lost time), but I was looking forward to swapping into open-toed flats and sandals!

Maybe this weekend…hm?

For a bit of perspective on what Passover means ’round these parts (beyond the obvious), over the course of two days it involves 20 pounds of turkey.  48 pieces of chicken.  230 meatballs.

It makes Thanksgiving look like the Minors.

And because I’ve never gotten to show y’all Jewish Mothering in-action…

The leftovers.

Oh God, the leftovers.

Top: Leftovers from the first Seder. Bottom: Leftovers from the second Seder.

Lest you think those were ALL of the leftovers, you should really know those were only the leftovers that Sue sent home with US.

We’re totally gonna starve to death this week.

More is more.

What holiday does your family go all-out for?

How do you address the issue of holiday leftovers?

I absolutely adore them, but it’s basically impossible for me to tackle an entire 4 lb turkey breast on my own over the course of a week so this time, a good chunk of it definitely got tossed into the freezer.