Daily Archives: 04.18.2011

Taking it Back

Um, so all of the clothes I picked for Passover?

I take it back.    I take it ALL back.

We only just barely edged our way into the 50s today and now we’ve been plunged into a Winter Storm Watch.

The weatherman said something something, 6″ of Snow, something.  But I decided that this was a clear-cut case of Ignorance is Bliss.

I just want to go on record and say that it’s really not “Winter” anymore.

But that el cheapo sweater I snagged at Ann Taylor on Saturday?  Seems practically inspired now.

And styled…

Y’all know that I’m not a fashion blogger, but inspired by The Man Repeller, I did take a moment to pose-it-out.

You know, edging one step closer to being Soulmates and all that.

Did I mention that flipping one’s hair so that it Artistically falls across one’s face is hellaciously hard?  Because I was looking like a hot mess up there on the patio for more than a few minutes.

All I can say is Thank God for Marcus and the fact that I don’t have to fight with a timer, remote or anything of the like.  It was really enough for me to make sure that I wasn’t flailing my limbs around like Spider Man.

And yes, I mean all of that about the One Planned-Out Shot I took.  We’ll see if lightning strikes twice tomorrow.

My own lovely looks aside, Sue set a beautiful (and lengthy!) table.  Because in order to accurately remember the Exodus, you need to surround yourself with enough people to constitute a tribe 😉

Did I mention that I love the natural light at their place?  Because it kills me dead.  Every time.

And as an added Passover treat, Mom and Dad brought us some frog magnets.

Ironically we’ve had a few of our magnets leap to their deaths over the past week, so they couldn’t have had better timing.

If there’s one thing I learned right away celebrating Passover with Marcus’ family, it’s that Frogs are The Easiest design concept when it comes to decorating one’s table for The Holiday.

I mean, with good reason – turning the water to blood or parting the Red Sea would just be a mess, and the slaying of the first-born was SUCH a downer.

So instead, there are frogs…everywhere.

(And no, I SO did not mean for that to be pun-y!)

Was anyone else totally creeped by The Angel of Death in The Ten Commandments?

I mean, I definitely still find it a little bit spooky, but when I was little…watching that green smoke coming down from the moon?  Freakiest thing ever.

Passover celebrants, what did you do for the first Seder?