Daily Archives: 04.17.2011

But they love it harder.

Can I just say that while most Sundays are fairly relaxing, I absolutely loved this one?  It wasn’t particularly glamorous, but it was definitely perfect.

The highlights:

  • Reading the paper with the sun streaming into the kitchen.  Truly, I couldn’t figure out if I loved the paper or the sunlight more.  I know, I know.  Sometimes I kill me too.
  • FINALLY making it to the sushi buffet for the lunch that I’ve been craving for a month now.
  • Finishing off the last of my bridal shower thank you notes.  It was cathartic really.
  • Napping.  Again.  I almost didn’t get out of bed, but the reality of waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 2 AM just did not appeal.

And there was the victory lap I took around the kitchen (with both hands in the air…NOT kidding) after cooking one of the most amazing dinners on record.  But that’s Friday talking 😉

I didn’t realize that Pub Golf wasn’t a widely-known bar crawl theme until your comments started coming in yesterday.

So please bear with me while I explain.

Teeing Off.

The M.O.: Everyone dresses up in golf attire.  Or in the case of a 40 degree day in the middle of April: a polo shirt, a cardigan and Something Else.  You outline a “course” of bars on a scorecard.  In order to play each hole (1 bar = 1 hole), you’re meant to drink a specific drink (usually it corresponds with a special) in a certain number of gulps (strokes) in order to come in at or under par.

In a perfect world, everyone keeps track of their score and the winner, like in golf, has played all of the holes with the lowest number of strokes.

What really happens?  You cross your fingers and hope everyone is able to remember the night.

We ended up dropping off about halfway through (I drank 2 1/2 beers over five bars…goodbye, junior year tolerance) and headed out for dinner, which came in two courses: A stop at Mesa Pizza on campus and a burger at The Bulldog N.E..  I was weirdly un-hungry post-run yesterday, so when the urge to feast struck, it did so with a vengeance.

Retrospectively, I also find myself needing to ask the question, is it normal to for one to hang their polo shirts with the collars up?  Because that seems to be the situation in my closet.

In more civilized news, le jardin continues grow at an alarming rate.  It’s as if I re-potted our little sprouts and minutes later they were adding inches like nobody’s business.

I love this window seat.

But they love it harder.

And at the rate we’re going, these won’t be making the move outside until mid-May.

Patience is key.

Life lovers, what was the best part of your weekend?

Bar-crawlers, what’s your favorite bar crawl theme?

Polo shirt wearers, do you hang your shirts collars up or collars down?