Just a Few Confessions

Kittens, today I’m feeling confessional, so we’re just going to roll with it.

Beyond a long nap, a trip to the mall and some preemptive Easter candy eating, I have accomplished absolutely nothing today.

We’re two days away from the first Seder and so far my Passover preparations have consisted of infusing vodka and sourcing a pint each of gelato and sorbet.

I’m going Pub Golfing tonight and I’m more concerned about the fact that my nails look like hell than which of the twelve polo shirts hanging in my closet I should wear.

I might end up looking like a Pub Hunter-Jumper, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

If you’re obviously trying to dress to Make A Statement or Be On The Cutting Edge Of Fashion and fail miserably, I usually judge you.

When I was at the mall today, I nabbed a beautiful cowl neck sweater at Ann Taylor.  It was on Final Sale…for $5.88.  The icing on the cake?  It was 40% off everything in the store.

My post-run eating today has by-and-large consisted of chocolate.  Take that, Runner’s World.  I crave what I crave.

For the first time in recent memory, I have absolutely no desire to make sure that every dish ends up in the dishwasher the instant it goes into the sink.

I actually enjoyed that blustery-windy-cold feeling today.  For about 10 seconds.  And then I cursed my existence.

The wedding is less than two months away.  I still don’t know what shoes I’m wearing.  What’s worse?  I still have zero interest in finding them.

What’s your weekend confession?

Have you ever gone Pub Golfing?

I actually haven’t ever been, so I’m 11/10 excited.  There’s still a chance that I’ll send y’all a theme-y snap or two from the bar tonight 🙂


15 responses to “Just a Few Confessions

  1. What on earth is pub golfing? Is that the thing on top of Brits? Or…I thought that was called lawn bowling? I’m not cool enough to ready your blog anymore. Sigh.

  2. Never heard of Pub Golfing. Sounds like fun though :]

    My weekend confession? I fail at fashion. I just steal t-shirts from the hubs side of the closet.

  3. I have never heard of Pub Golfing. And whatever, if you’re craving chocolate, eat some dang chocolate.
    That is a fantastic deal! I wish I could find deals that good!

  4. My confession… I have never heard of pub golfing.
    I also think your Anne Taylor find was fabulous! That would have made my day.

  5. I have no idea what pub golfing is. I must be from the dark ages or something.

  6. I’ve never heard of Pub Golfing either. And I don’t think Rhianna is curvy in any way. Boy, am I out of it.

  7. The anti-productivity thing was me yesterday. After giving my computer to the mac man, I spent about an hour and $100 at the mall. Then I got a haircut. Score.

  8. Wait…how can you not have a need to have every dish in the dishwasher? Please share your secret with me because this is a amazing accomplishment in my eyes.

    My weekend confession – I love Paris. But I love Paris minus Maya even more. Shhh…don’t repeat that please.

  9. I forgot to comment on Rhianna. I don’t get her. At all. In any shape or form. Literally!

  10. What the heck is pub golfing?!

    How did your run go yesterday? Every time I felt miserable when I was running, I remember your comment about doing your run on the treadmill and I told myself to suck it up 🙂

  11. I’ve never even heard of Pub golfing!! Hope it was fun 🙂

  12. You had me at vodka! I’m a lazy one on the weekends and I love/need it

  13. Although I’ve never heard of pub golfing, it sounds like fun!

    I too hit up the 40% off Loft sale- snagging a nice black dress!

  14. Score on the Ann Taylor sweater! Ann and I are BFF–but only when she’s practically giving stuff away.

    Never heard of Pub Golf. We used to do Pub Crawls. Sounds similiar, although I like your use of a theme.

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