Daily Archives: 04.13.2011

Wedding Wednesday

Our invitations went out on Monday and so far, five people have RSVP-ed.  In my book, that’s considered Mobilizing.  People, I need you to start Preparing Yourselves because the downward spiral?  Starts now.

Actually, in a stroke of irony I realized that after correcting the proofs, I never saw the finished product.  But the responses via Tweet/text/e-mail/Facebook have been positive, so I’m feeling great about the whole situation.

In the past week, we were blessed to avoid any outright Snafus (this is the part of the show where I need you to knock on wood as well), but we definitely kept the good times rolling.


Last weekend we went out to dinner with some of Marcus’ grandparents’ close friends at the Golden Valley Country Club (I ate a piece of Walleye that was probably as long as my torso).  The next morning I had to high-tail it over to the bridal shower that Marcus’ side of the family threw for me.

It wasn’t exactly mind-bending as far as styling oneself is concerned, but on Saturday afternoon, I did make an effort to try on every possible combination of shower outfits in order to make sure that actual morning-of decision-making moves smoothly.

My reward was 10 minutes spent swapping back and forth between a slate gray top and the pink top I ended up choosing.

Decisiveness.  I have it.

The final product…

Left: My outfit for dinner with Ronnie + Mel. Right: My outfit for the shower.

PSA: Don’t wear brocade if you plan on sitting anywhere for more than fifteen minutes at a time.  I absolutely ADORE that skirt, but it simply doesn’t breathe.  By the time I stood up at the end of the gift opening, I was sweating profusely.  Not cute.

Shower #2

The shower was absolutely wonderful.  I don’t know if y’all realize this, but I’m kind of a friend hoarder (More is More).  I refuse to give anyone up, and I very much like to be surrounded by all of them on any and for every important occasion.

I think we had 35 attendees at this shower and it was absolutely overwhelming.  I wanted to talk with everyone (which I accomplished), but it just felt like there was Never Enough Time.  That being said, when it was time to sit down to lunch, I was relieved to be able to enjoy a few quiet moments with my bowl of Butternut Squash Ravioli.

Registry Surprises

The bridal shower last weekend totally reinforced my decision to avoid looking at our registry at all costs.  Every gift was a wonderful surprise and I had ABSOLUTELY no idea of what to expect.

In keeping with the belief that The Universe and I Are One, I was completely tickled that we got the hand mixer that we registered for.  Could the timing have been any better?  I THINK NOT.  Powdered sugar, your reign of terror is over.

Thank You Notes

I still have about fifteen notes to go, but that’s really water under the bridge at this point.  As per Monday’s post, It was SO interesting to read everyone’s opinions on thank you notes.  The biggest issue after timeliness seemed to surround what one actually writes in the note.

Below are a few tips on what I do to personalize…

  • Use informal titles.  Notes written to Auntie Molly, Mom S**** (not a curse word, just anonymous) and Sis are key.
  • Discuss the event attended.
  • Tell the giver how much their relationship means to you.
  • Editorialize on the gift.  It’s not entirely uncommon in a Kat-written thank you note to see parentheses like following: (seriously), (for real), (it kills me inside), (I’m dying!) .
  • Include remarks about an occasion/event in the future that you hope to cross-paths at.

What do you usually wear to a bridal shower?

Are you a friend hoarder?