Daily Archives: 04.12.2011

In an Elastic Waistband-World

Sometimes I like to play Ostrich, burying my head in the sand.  But sand or not, Passover starts next Monday at sundown and I am going to have to show up to the Seders in SOMETHING.

Since I’m the girl that puts on makeup to go to the grocery store (yes, this is my life), I like to be able to at least maintain the illusion that my shit is totally together.

The reality, is totally irrelevant.

As with all other holidays I’m forced to dress myself for, if eating is involved, I go elastic waistband.

Hell, let’s get serious.  I haven’t put on a pair of jeans since our engagement pictures.  I’m always in elastic waistband-mode.  Aside from my running tights, which have a drawstring.


I suspect the types of people who are successful at wearing pants with buttons to holiday events are the same type of people who are able to eat a small dinner or salad before they go out to cocktail parties in order to avoid jumping the waiter for his platter of Pigs In A Blanket.

I am definitely not that person.

So, while it gives me little joy to spread the following message, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: If you end up having to unbutton your pants/unzip your skirt in order to be comfortable on the car ride home, you will hear me saying I TOLD YOU SO.

Since it’s hard to know if the dining room you’re sitting in will be pleasantly ventilated or uncomfortably warm, my vote is for something on the lighter side.

It is spring after all, and I should like to think that while Minnesota is already fairly warm, most places in the United States are beating us.

In this case, I chose to focus more on tops/accessories because as far as holiday observances are concerned, Passover pretty much takes the cake for keeping everyone in one place and seated.  Yes, you could wear an amazing skirt, but absolutely no one will see it.

No one wants to test the If a tree falls in the forest-theory when they’re trying to make a statement.

I promise that I’ll bring you nightly snaps of my outfits so we can assess whether or not I made the right choices for maximum feasting fabulousness.

Easter celebrants, take heart.  I’ll be back next week with some of my favorite picks for you all as well!  Lord only knows that life is boring if you only get to celebrate one set of holidays.

And because only celebrating for a day is dull, I’ll be on the prowl for Egg Coloring (Saturday night) and Egg Hunting (Sunday afternoon) outfits 🙂

More is more.

How long does it take you to plan your holiday outfits?

p.s. A little treasure for you all via Kate at elefantitas alegres, Kate Middleton for the Win.  I’m an 11/10 fan of our soon-to-be Princess, but this is hysterical.  Truly, I’ll never be bored again.