Daily Archives: 04.11.2011

Checking things off The List

Tonight, I spent an hour on the phone with a researcher from the SIBS Study at the University of Minnesota.  It’s a project that has been going on alongside the infamous Twin Study for an odd number of years and Billy and I are a part of it because while we’re obviously not twins, our birthframe (less than two years apart…though just barely) is so tight.

It’s a longitudinal study, so every 3-5 years they hunt us down to interrogate us about our lives (for the record, I’m a happy non-substance abuser) and on occasion, ask us to do wacky things, like donate blood samples so that they can immortalize our DNA over at Rutgers.

I sleep soundly at night knowing that my entire family could be re-created in a test tube by future humans.

It was never really a life goal of mine, but now I can check it off the bucket list without a second thought.

Post-interview, The Spirit of Productivity was directing me to Correspond.  So I addressed almost the entire stack of thank you notes I need to get out (this is a multi-step process, naturally) and then started in on the actual writing.

As an added incentive, Passover is next week and I’ll probably see about half of the people who were invited to the shower at one Seder or another.  So I’d very much like to have them all in the mail before I see ANYONE again.

Let’s be honest, kittens.  No girl wants to be That Bride.

And The Pony Express is only so reliable.

There are 36 notes in that stack.

Full Disclosure: That pile of thank you notes I sourced last weekend? Is almost completely gone.

I tried.

What do you think is an acceptable timeline for mailing out thank you notes?

Usually, I’d say a week or two, but at the rate that we’re going, I could get buried extremely quickly.  So I write like there’s no tomorrow.

Have you ever participated in a research study?