Daily Archives: 04.10.2011

Impossible to Keep Secret

The weather this weekend (for the most part) was just painfully beautiful.

Oh hell, I’m an optimist and a glass half-full-sort of girl.  The weather this weekend was The Best.

It was pure Joy and Glory to read the newspaper over my morning coffee with the patio door open.  It brought me back to a day last August when the air had just started to turn fall-y and I did the very same thing (with a magazine) and it was absolute heaven.

Thankfully the weather won’t be turning fall-y on us anytime soon.

It’s safe to say that I’m suffering from just a little bit of left-over PTSD from last winter.

In The Spirit of Spring, while I faded in and out of sleep yesterday, I sent Marcus on a mission to Lowe’s to get more potting soil and more planters for our sprouting seedlings.

And this afternoon post-bridal shower, I got to work re-potting them because the roots were starting to poke out of the seedling pods.

Mother Nature Le jardin waits for no one.

The finished product?

Two large planters of tomatoes, two large planters of basil, one planter each of tarragon and oregano.

As much as I love that they flourish on the window seat, I really can’t wait until our frost risk is gone so that I can get them out on the deck, where they belong.

It’s the natural order of things.

Today’s shower was wonderful and there will be lots to share on Wedding Wednesday.

Like how I actually remembered to make some outfit snaps happen.

But some things?  Are just impossible to keep secret.

Like this BEAUTIFUL wedding gift from Marcus’ side of the family.

Consider it a study in the primary colors.

Unpictured: The large rectangle and medium oval stoneware casseroles I needed to round-out my collection. Moderation is NOT the answer here, kittens.

I barely knew what to do with myself (that’s been happening a lot lately).

I died.  A hundred times.

Gave thanks for the fact that in anticipation of potential rain today, I had already planned on doing a braised beef-type arrangement for dinner tonight.

Actioned like there was no tomorrow.

Marcus wanted to make a cameo.

And then I died some more.

Did I mention how delightful it was to try and decide which size/color/shape-combo to use?


As a warning: Expect me to casserole the shit out of things in the next few weeks.  I have YEARS (years!) of coveting and envy to work out.

It starts now.

What’s the one kitchen toy you’ve been dying to get your hands on?