Daily Archives: 04.09.2011

Hit by a Truck

The fact that the only appointment on my calendar today was 3:00 PM – Do Mani + Pedi! should tell you a lot about what my day has been like.

I mean, my mitts + paws are always a priority, but sometimes I even shock myself.

So what was a day in the life of Kat like today?

Remember The Napping?

After my long run (9 miles – outside!), it was all I could do to take a hot shower, snarf a bowl of oatmeal, slam a couple of cups of coffee and blow-out my hair before I had to pour myself into bed.

There’s probably something really wrong with the fact that I prioritized a pot of coffee over sleep, but I figured that it would all balance out in the end.

I thought about taking a post-run snap of myself after my shower, but mostly I just looked like I had been run over by a truck.   Not adorable, not necessary.

Did I mention that all of this happened by 11 AM?

Because there was that too.

Moral of the story: Get a full eight hours of sleep, kittens.  It’s a game-changer.

Second Moral of the Story: Avoid going to bed with Bad Hair at all costs.  You’ll pay for it later.

This afternoon (read: as soon as I rolled out of bed…again), I ventured out for a burrito bowl-type salad from Chipotle (lots of lettuce on the bottom, a little bit of rice on top).  Not so much because I was craving it (I was in more of a burger-mood), but because it would refrigerate well if Naptime struck again.

Constant Vigilance.

On the bright side, since all of the Chipotle employees were kind of shell-shocked by the stampede of hockey moms (there’s a youth tournament going on practically on-top of us), I got the nicest, happiest service ever.

We all took our pulse together at the cash register.  No kidding.

Since outright exhaustion didn’t rear its ugly head again, I decided to continue my Afternoon Of Meaning by streaming 2012 via Netflix On-Demand.

You know, nothing too mentally taxing.

I was explaining to Marcus that insofar as mindless movie-watching is concerned, 2012 beats Independence Day any day, because it doesn’t actually require you to follow a plot.

Those apocalyptic, sci-fi, thriller-type films can be so tricky sometimes.  Because then you have oddballs like Cloverfield that mostly just make you extremely nauseous.

We don’t love that.

What are your weekend plans?

Tonight we’re going out for a pre-wedding celebratory dinner with some of Marcus’ grandparents’ friends, catching up with Mads and a few others at the VFW (can’t get enough, really) and tomorrow is another wedding shower!

What’s your favorite movie to zone out to?

I’d have to say that The Proposal is another favorite of mine.  Not because it’s mindless and awful, but because it’s pretty easy to zone out with all of the Alaskan scenery.