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Friday Food Round-Up!

As I was taking snaps of this week’s eats, I realized that while everything was unh0ly-delicious, it was all EXTREMELY un-photogenic.  Steaming ground meat looks like…steaming ground meat.

Ah, reality.  Sometimes you are SO not glamorous.

Sunday – Peanut Butter Eggs

Yes, you are really seeing this.

I don’t have a lot of memories of cooking at Grandma Boots’ house.  I mean, I know that on Rib Night, I was the one charged with mixing the coleslaw with a good dosing of T. Marzetti’s dressing.

That, right there, is a life skill.

One memory I DO have is of us making homemade peanut butter cups.  I think it happened earlier in my elementary school years than later and ohmigod were they good.

So naturally, we never made them again.

Fast forward to last week where recipes for Easter started popping up like, whoah.  And for whatever demented reason that seemed 1. Logical and 2. Acceptable to me, I decided that making homemade peanut butter eggs was obviously like, the sanest and most appropriate use of my weekend free time.

So I halved the recipe (I may have my moments, but I will always be lucid enough to tell you that 66 peanut butter eggs is…a lot) and went to town, trusting that Ethel was right when she said that this was a great recipe to make with grandchildren.

Your point, Ethel.  The recipe was easy to make and let me tell you, these things are DANGEROUS!  To the point where I brought 10 home to my parents, six to Brianna at work and threw the rest of them into the back of my freezer to encourage “moderation.”

Whatever that means.

But my hand mixer?  Will probably never recover.  I guess it’s good that we registered for a new one, right?  In all seriousness, if you really want to make these, mix by hand or with a stand mixer, because otherwise nature WILL win.

Sunday – Jenna’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

Not that Marcus was ever skeptical of this dish, but it’s safe to say that after having one spoonful of it, he absolutely inhaled the rest.

Because it’s like chili…except not.

When I was reading the info on the hominy can (hooray for mystery-ingredients!), I realized that the reason I’ve never eaten it (or come across it in a dish) before is because it’s most commonly used in menudo, which is not something I’ve ever found the time to eat.  Now that I’ve had it though?  I’m totally sold.  It adds such a wonderful texture to the dish, especially as it contrasts with the beans!

Plus, I’ve got all sorts of visions for how one could use it in a Southwestern-inspired gnocchi-type dish or a casserole.

Hominy.  Check it.

Our modifications: Instead of using a roasted poblano AND a can of green chiles, I just took matters into my own hands and defrosted the half-can of green chiles that I stashed in the freezer after another culinary extravaganza.  Because I didn’t want another package of tortillas on hand that we wouldn’t use (I can only deal with one package of immortal tortillas at a time), I opted for the “crumble chips into your serving of soup” method to give it that tortilla-flair that it’s meant to have.

Wednesday – Korean Keema from Nigella Kitchen

Translation: Delicious Spicy Ground Beef Stir Fry

We’ve had a wok for like…two years now?  But I never touch it unless a recipe says so.  So, thank you Nigella, for giving us a good excuse to pull that giant pan out of the cupboard and go to town.

In cooking this dish, the biggest conundrum for us was trying to figure out what Gochuchang actually was.

For the record, it’s a spicy soybean-red pepper/chili paste.  I’m sure you can easily source Gochuchang if you’re in the right place at the right time, but that’s not something they have at Cub and Marcus and I didn’t have the time to make our way to an Asian grocery store.  So in the spirit of not having a Beef Vindaloo-style repeat we opted for the Lee Kum Kee Sweet Chili Garlic paste.

Lee Kum Kee did not disappoint us.

Since we doubled Nigella’s recipe and definitely deviated, I’ll try to post “our” keema recipe in the next few weeks!

Is there a specific food-culture you’ve been cooking from lately?

Marcus observed over our Keema that while we’re comfortable cooking over most of the Asian continent, we haven’t even TOUCHED Chinese food.

Do tortillas freeze/de-frost well?