Daily Archives: 04.07.2011

28 Candles…

Or maybe there aren’t any candles because he’s a dessert-hater and refuses cake 😉

It’s Marcus’ birthday today!

He’s 28.

Yes, dear, I just told The Internet how old you are.

Remember how scary that would have sounded in 1996?

But these?  Are modern-times.  And we’re a pair of forward-thinking cats.

Back to this whole 28 thing.

28, ironically, will be my golden birthday.


So I told Marcus that the pressure is really on to make sure that this year is a good one since, I kind of need someone to test-drive it for me.

Maybe that’s selfish.

But I choose to think that it’s realistic.

I mean, one of us has to do it.  Right?

When I pulled into the driveway today, I noticed that one of his family members (or possibly a group of related individuals) had tied balloons to our front stair and deposited a gift inside our front door.

Which got me to thinking about family birthday traditions.

In Marcus family?  EVERYONE knows when it’s someone’s birthday.  Either because their Spider Sense tells them so, or because someone sent them a reminder text.

Sometimes people also text you to tell you that it’s LaToya Jackson’s birthday.  But I’m getting off-topic – that’s a totally different story.

Anyway, you get a text, you give that person a call, and POOF!  Birthday observed.  Like clockwork.

In our extended  family, you get a card.

Sometimes it makes it there by your birthday, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes you get it at the cabin, or Easter, or Christmas or Thanksgiving.

But a more common scene than not, up at the cabin or on holidays, is that of aunts and uncles passing off checks and folded bills to the latest birthday cousin.

Because sometimes the card?  Just doesn’t even factor in.

It’s probably good that we’re not a picky bunch.

But when you’re sitting at the end of the dock with a drink in-hand, are you remembering anyone’s birthday?

Because mostly I find myself preoccupied with whether or not I want another glass of champagne, or whatever is in that bucket over there 😉

What do your family’s birthday traditions consist of?