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Wedding Wednesday

I’ll be honest, kittens.  This is one of those weeks where I’m thankful that we’ve been planning-away at this whole wedding thing for a year.  With only two months to go until The Big Day, I can’t imagine what it would be like if we were all running around constantly Planning and Organizing.

Or maybe that’s what the mothers are for 😉


Since every week, something really bizarre or totally wrong happens, I think I’ll just dedicate a section of each Wedding Wednesday post to “Snafus.”  I already know they’re going to happen, so I might as well embrace it, right?

Because nothing is ever peaceful insofar as wedding planning is concerned, this week we discovered that the Marriott had our seating chart documented as June 11th.  Between that, the June 5th date that the synagogue had on the calendar and my pending nuptials to Christopher Scott, I find it to be entirely plausible that in another, parallel universe, we’re also planning a wedding.

To add insult to injury, Savvi is trying to rip our wedding party off by quoting us a price, raising the price, accepting a coupon, NOT accepting a coupon and then jacking the price again.

Not cool, Savvi.  Not cool.

Unique Thrift off of Winnetka is better at sticking to a price than you are.

Next week, I expect the tuxedos to be free.

All of that insanity aside, there are definitely some pretty great things going on.

The First Shower

This weekend marked our first wedding shower, thrown by my Fairy Godmother, Jill.  Since it was a couples shower, we rocked a Polynesian theme (a la our proposal on the starlit beaches of Maui), sang karaoke and ate the best fried chicken wings I’ve had  in a while.

God Bless that deep fryer.

I had this really grandiose plan to take pictures of all of my shower outfits, but somewhere in-between my third glass of champagne and the first round of karaoke, I realized that this week it just wasn’t meant to be.

So we’re at this bar, right?  And I, along with Mom, Sue, and Aunties Cindy and Kim are singing We Are Family.

It was darling stuff, for sure.

You see, from where our performance was situated in the bar, we found ourselves in the middle of another party (it was a VERY festive evening).

At the end of this party’s table, I could hardly believe my eyes as I belted out I got all my sisters with me and proceeded to watch two strange women pull their shirts up a la Girls Gone Wild and press their naked breasts together.

Just wow.

Thank You Notes

We’re getting beautifully monogrammed ones to use for our wedding gifts, but that doesn’t change the fact that I kind of need to start thanking people now.

What you should probably know: In my world, re-circulating thank you notes is basically the same as being an outfit-repeater.

It burns my eyes.

I always notice.

You just don’t do it.

Last weekend I tried to break the cycle by stocking up on a couple of different patterns/styles from Target.

And in the short-term I think we’re good, but in the long-term I think this would probably be the perfect definition of a More Is More-situation.


After all of the hemming and hawing about rose petals and what-have-you, we ended up going with Kate from Floral Culture (aka Florist #2).  Since we’re really not having a ton of flowers (read: bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres), I wanted them to be absolutely gorgeous.

As it turns out, Kate does gorgeous very well.

And if you’re the kind of wedding voyeur who wants to get an idea of what, specifically, gorgeous means to me in-terms of flowers, you can take a peek at Kate’s wedding or a couple of the other weddings she has done.

I just can’t stop staring, really.

Honeymoon Wardrobe

Because I’m That Girl, I’ve spent the past few days fretting about what I’ll want to pack for Europe.  Nevermind the fact that we’re not leaving for two months.  Or the fact that I have an overly-full closet and could probably dress myself for a month and then some without going near a laundry machine.

But as we all know, the rich inner-life of a bride-to-be is not exactly what one would describe as “rational.”

Despite obvious evidence to the contrary, I just close my eyes and imagine all of them (the Europeans) in nautical stripes.  Or chick black dresses.  Day-in and day-out.

God what it must be like to live that life.

But like I mentioned in my guest post for Stephanie, sometimes you just need to get in-touch with The Universe.  And Universe, oh, how you were listening!  There was a Lilly Pulitzer sale that opened on Rue La La this morning and I snapped up a couple of pretty pieces that I’ll be more than happy to wear before the wedding, during the honeymoon and well after.

Ignore the model. She kind of ruins it for me.


Does Palm Beach have any place in the Mediterranean?  Absolutely not.  But as any Lilly-lover knows, a brightly-printed frock ALWAYS soothes and I just can’t wait!

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever witnessed at a bridal shower?

Are you a stationery hoarder?