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An Update on the Way to 13.1

Non-runners: Since today is all rah-rah about my half-marathon training, I completely forgive you if you find the whole affair to be uninteresting and tortuous.

The only thing you need to take-away is that today I went on my first outdoor run since October and it was absolutely GLORIOUS.  My body knew exactly what to do (yes, I was irrationally afraid that it wouldn’t) and a long winter worth of training DEFINITELY paid off.

It is love.

You’re dismissed.

For those still interested in my fitness-related ramblings, we continue.

When I was doing blog admin yesterday, I realized my first post in that vein included a little bit of totally justified rage at Tina from Carrots ‘N’ Cake for hiding her marathon weight gain from her readers.

As I was making breakfast this morning, I peeked over at my training schedule and realized that I only have one “big” long-run left before the race.  In two weeks, I’ll run 11-12 miles and declare myself ready-to-go.

So, in the Spirit Of Avoiding Hypocrisy At All Costs, I figured it was only fair for me to check in with all of you.

The nitty-gritty? My weight, for all practical purposes has stayed the same.  I’m rocking a ~3 lb  fluctuation between 152-155 lbs.  If anything, my legs are finally starting to “lean”-out, which I attribute to the speed training that I’ve been incorporating and the addition of an actual yoga session on Sundays.

My body and I?  Are in a great place right now.

The biggest change? I made the decision to balance my calories across the week and look at the “big picture” of calorie loss, rather than eating based on that day’s workout.    Cutting back on rest days was all right and good, but mostly it didn’t work and I was hungry.

So, no more of that.

Plus, balancing my calories across the week made it easier to meet the mini-healthy living goals I set for myself: saying no to seconds at dinner, easing up on the wine and lowering my chocolate consumption.

It’s not you Choceur, it’s me.

Even though my primary goal right now isn’t weight loss, I really wouldn’t be opposed to peeling off another 10 lbs before I run the marathon in October.  But I also have about six months to accomplish that goal and at the end of the day, I really don’t care what my race weight is.  I just want to finish injury-free.

On a related note, Lauren was actually exploring runners, calorie counting and weight gain last week so if you’re looking for another perspective, definitely check that out!

My Training Plan

Since I kind of shot into the dark as far as my training was concerned for my last half-marathon, I thought that this time it would probably be helpful to import some sort of method to the madness.  Especially since by the time I committed to the race, I knew I’d be working on a compressed schedule.

What I do…

AM: Yoga Abs (10 min)
PM: Intervals + Speed: Run 60 min @ challenging pace (4 min running, 1 min walking)
AM: Yoga Abs (10 min)
PM:Run 6 miles @ relaxed pace
AM: Yoga Abs (10 min)
PM: Intervals + Speed: Run 60 min @ challenging pace (4 min running, 1 min walking)
AM: Yoga Abs (10 min)
PM: Run 6 miles @ relaxed pace
AM: Yoga Abs (10 min)
AM: Long Run
AM: Yoga – 30-60 min session
Obviously it’s open to interpretation 😉  As far as speed training is concerned, it’s FAR easier for me to base it on “time elapsed” rather than distance, since I never set foot near a track.
Enter your daily 10 minute Ab PSA: If you’re looking for something to add into your healthy living routine, for love of all that is right and good, start doing 10 minutes of abs in the morning.  As far as I’m concerned, the reward you get from it (a strong core!  sweet abs!  a more defined waist!) is FAR larger than the amount of effort you actually have to put in.

To summarize: So far, so good!

Northerners, what have you been doing to enjoy the spring?

Seriously, being outside today for an entire hour was absolutely unreal.  Plus, for the past few days, I’ve been flinging the patio door open so that we can get some fresh air circulating ’round these parts.  I don’t care if I have to eat dinner wrapped in a blanket in order to make it happen.

Runners, how do you make the transition from treadmill to outdoor running?