Napping and News-ing

Story of my life: This weekend has been Nap Central.

Fact: Today I realized that over the past five months, I had completely forgotten how exhausting long runs are.

When I’m actually making them happen?  I’m the picture of perkiness and energy.  They feel great!  I’m in the zone!

But afterward?  I’m ready to curl up into a ball, channel a hibernating grizzly and sleep for an entire day.  To the point where I actually have to schedule a naptime for myself in order to make sure that I can survive the evening hours.

If you’re looking for a comparison, it’s like being…mono tired.  I literally have to fling my body into bed.

Yesterday?  There was napping.  Today?  There was napping.

Tomorrow?  No napping.  You have to get over it and move on at some point.

But in the here and the now, it is just rough.

Let’s play a fun game, shall we?

It’s called, WTF is wrong with this picture?


Before snapping this picture, Marcus made sure to find out whether or not I wanted my feet to be included.

No, it’s not the fact that I STILL haven’t gotten my hair done.

At this point, I like to think that I’m rocking the ombre-hair trend…in reverse.

So classy, I know.

But not really the point.

If your answer was: Kat, why do you have an actual print-copy of the newspaper? then you win.

The New York Times’ paywall went up on March 28th, right?  And I made it a whole two days reading section fronts and Playing By The Rules until I was informed that I had to pay up or give up.

At which point I sucked it up, paid for my Sunday-only subscription, and chuckled to myself about the fact that in order to enjoy unlimited online usage I was actually helping their circulation numbers.

So today, I dedicated a portion of my afternoon to enjoying a good old-fashioned flip through the paper.  Yes, perusing it with my morning coffee would have made more sense, but I completely forgot that it was coming until we were pulling away from the house to go grocery shopping.

Timing aside, it was actually quite lovely, and a Sunday activity I’d be more than happy to make a habit.  Especially since newspapers aren’t as good for hoarding as magazines are. 😉

When is the last time that you picked up an honest-to-goodness newspaper?

Honestly, before this, I think that the last time would have been when I was in college working at The Minnesota Daily.

Are you a napper-by-nature?

12 responses to “Napping and News-ing

  1. I LOVE naps. Maybe that should be my motivation to get my butt into running… as long as I run I can nap 🙂
    We actually get newspapers at work, so I pick them up quite frequently.

  2. I nap as often as I possibly can, which is usually at least once on the weekend. LOVE them. And we are archaic in that I have the local paper delivered daily. I hate navigating online editions. Something about paper in hand with a hot mug of tea.

  3. Hey, you are going on some hard runs, it’s all good if you want to nap!
    In my old-school mindset, I actually like having a real paper more than online. Still, online is good for when you’re looking for a specific subject.
    I like to pick up a copy of the paper from time to time, but most of the time it’s the school’s paper.

  4. I LOVE naps but I always think about something else I should be doing instead. I should just schedule them. Goooooooood idea.

  5. I am in love with naps, but only if I actually need them.
    I read the newspaper at the doctors office last week! haha.

  6. I was actually reading the paper yesterday 🙂 My mom gave me a major complex about it, though. When I was about 11, I started reading the paper every morning and she would grab my hands when I was done and start fussing about all the newsprint on my fingertips, and every time she saw smudges around the house she would say it was from my fingers, so I avoided reading the real paper for so long! I usually read it online, because I still can’t pick up a newspaper without thinking that my hands will be permanently dirty 😦

  7. I read the paper every day, I love it! And I get so exicted for the Sunday New York times. I nap every day too!

  8. Some kids came to my door maybe 6 months ago and told me they were selling subscriptions to the local newspaper to raise money for their school. Being the pushover that I am, I forked over my credit card and now I get papers Friday-Sunday. Usually I only read an article here or there and it’s always days after the newspaper came out. I do very much enjoy clipping coupons from the Sunday paper though. I haven’t figured out if I’m actually saving money at the grocery store relative to the cost of my subscription…but at least it makes me feel like I’m saving some money 🙂

  9. I am definitely a napper…I LOVE naps!

    Also, I really enjoy doing the crossword puzzle in a real newspaper instead of online. Not sure why, but it’s nice 🙂

  10. I read the Strib every day! The good old paper kind. I love it!! Newspapers will not die! (….will they?)

  11. I’m the same way–I run and then crash by 8 pm. It’s a vicious cycle.

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