Daily Archives: 03.31.2011

In Which We Don’t Go Through My Purse

Consider yourselves lucky.

Today I briefly considered doing one of those WTF is in Kat’s Purse-type posts.

Until I realized that I would have to show y’all a half-eaten roll of TUMS, the five lip balms/glosses I always have on my person at all times, my dinosaur of a Flash Drive (ironically, that’s been the most handy item I’ve ever carried), that one key ring that only has the mailbox key on it, a Wiener Whistle (I do not kid) and the odd paperclip.

What a vision of effortless style and grace.

So then, I thought maybe I’d share the contents of my makeup bag.

Which was fine except for the fact that I would be forced to admit how many absolutely ANCIENT eyeshadows I keep around and explain why I think it’s acceptable to have three of the same black eyeliner sticks open and ready-to-go at any given time.  Nervermind the fact that I haven’t used anything other than brown for the last, probably, three months?

Did I mention that incredibly annoying, extremely fine layer of bronzer-powder-blush that seems to settle on EVERYTHING?

Because there’s that, too.

Oh, and there’s the fact that no one ever formally taught me how to apply make-up.  Everything I learned, I picked up from ballet, on the cheerleading squad, in the sorority the school of hard-knocks.

So far, so good.

This morning, I did a mini-education session via Google and learned that Sweet Potatoes, in addition to being a rockin’ source of fiber that help to keep your Glycemic Index steady, are a monster-source of Vitamin A/Beta Carotene.

Whatever that means.  All I know is that I’m all in.

Even though I know I had promised y’all to limit my food-related chatter to Fridays, since these have been a focal point, nay, The Theme of my life this week, voila.

Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt, Fresh Cracked Pepper and Homemade Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce.

If you’re ready to dive down the slippery slope to making them, be warned that Sweet Potato Oven Fries definitely turn out “moister” than the regular thing.  My first attempt was solid, but I had to turn to an expert (and the accompanying reviews!) for guidance.  Paula Deen was there for me in a pinch with her recipe for Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

I don’t even want to whisper this next part because she goes against my entire cooking philosophy, but the most useful tip I found was from…Sandra Lee.  If you put the pan in the oven while it’s pre-heating and then pull it out and place the potatoes on it when you’re ready to bake them, it results in a MUCH crispier exterior.

Your point, Sandra.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you have in your purse?

Who is your least-favorite Food Network personality?