Not a Cat Lady…Yet.

Kittens, there’s a secret I’ve been keeping from you all.

And while this is neither the time nor the place for full-blown confessions, this is pretty much The Peak Of My Truthiness.

Prepare yourselves, because it don’t get more real than this.

You see, I have this thing.

For terrible coffee mugs.

Like, the tackier they are, the more I love them.

Par Example…

Appendix A: Grandma of the Year

Yes, when I was with the girls on Saturday night, I managed to find a coffee mug that read “Grandma of the Year.”

My heart was doing little leaps of joy while I tried to assess where that mug fit in relative to the Teddy Bears and Music Notes-mug we have at home.

You and me...sweet harmony. I JUST DIE.

It was a hard call.  But it was The Teddies for the win.

You just can’t compete with a treasure like that.

On a scale of one to cat lady, I’m not sure where this places me.  But I just have this feeling that it’s not so close to one.

Le jardin continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

It really has turned into a microcosm of Spring in the midst of all of this snow and cold.

Between the leg warmers and the hot tea and the Ralph Lauren pullovers, I just need to see something…Alive.  Green.  Flourishing.

The Basil and Tomatoes (I NEVER thought I would be attempting tomatoes at this house) are 100% committed at this point.  I’m not sure what to say about their other counterparts.

At least we’ve managed to ensure ourselves a steady supply of Margherita Pizza, Caprese Salad, Bruschetta and Pesto.


What’s your tacky little secret?

At what point does one stake tomato plants to make sure they’re growing straight up?


15 responses to “Not a Cat Lady…Yet.

  1. Hee, I bought a mug because it had a misspelling on it. We finally upgraded to real glass mugs at William Sonoma for our wedding. But I keep my mug stash!

    I’m intrigued by le jardin. We were just discussing the major need for some basil plants up in here! Typically we get them at the farmer’s market and plant outside.

  2. Margherita pizza, caprese salad, pesto, and bruschetta are the 4 main food groups of summer. Throw in a glass of pinot grigio and you have a feast.

    My tacky little secret: a penchant for “so ugly it’s awesome” purses and accessories. I mix ’em in with all of my cool stuff, so people are never sure what side of the line that I think they fall on.

  3. Im a total mug lady and I am pretty sure my hubby hates it. He cant stand that there are so many different kinds and no uniformity.

  4. I like tacky mugs too 🙂 I think I inherited this from my grandmother who had a million tacky coffee mugs.

  5. Haha, I love your mug! I used to buy mugs from thrift stores- really tacky ones- but my mom got pissed off that precious storage space was being invaded by them 😦

  6. I can’t advise about the tomatoes, but I can tell you my creepy obsession – fuzzy socks. Those awful bright colored fuzzy socks…. I just LOVE them with my snuggie. 🙂 lol.

  7. I have managed to control my tacky little obsession but in my younger days it was glitter and all sparkly things. If I could roll around in glitter I probably would have….literally head to toe.

  8. I’m growing tomatoes and basil this year again as well. And Not gonna lie, my tomatoes got staked up abou 6 weeks in by chopsticks and twine. They shot out of the ground like a missile silo out of the midwest and there was not strength to hold themselves upw ith.
    I’m just classy like that.

  9. We have that same teddy bear on two mugs that we were given in England when the girls were small. They’re so awful, I’ve actually got quite attached to them!

  10. krissy loves wine

    oh snap! I’ve been eyeing this mug on etsy,
    for real.

  11. I love when people have truly unique quirky habits! I love yours. I wish mine was interesting. I sometimes wear too much jewelry

  12. Silly mugs are great! It’s a good conversation starter.
    My tacky secret is that my friends buy me gifts from thrift stores as jokes, and I still have a lot of them. There’s a tribal fork thing in my room from a birthday gift. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds too.

  13. That is hilarious! 😀

  14. Your mugs are so cute! I guess my tacky little secrete is that I use to collect paper. I would seriously go to paper stores and yard sales and find paper and just store them in my basement. Luckily, I grew out of that phase or else I would look like a hoarder.

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