Daily Archives: 03.28.2011

Not a Cat Lady…Yet.

Kittens, there’s a secret I’ve been keeping from you all.

And while this is neither the time nor the place for full-blown confessions, this is pretty much The Peak Of My Truthiness.

Prepare yourselves, because it don’t get more real than this.

You see, I have this thing.

For terrible coffee mugs.

Like, the tackier they are, the more I love them.

Par Example…

Appendix A: Grandma of the Year

Yes, when I was with the girls on Saturday night, I managed to find a coffee mug that read “Grandma of the Year.”

My heart was doing little leaps of joy while I tried to assess where that mug fit in relative to the Teddy Bears and Music Notes-mug we have at home.

You and me...sweet harmony. I JUST DIE.

It was a hard call.  But it was The Teddies for the win.

You just can’t compete with a treasure like that.

On a scale of one to cat lady, I’m not sure where this places me.  But I just have this feeling that it’s not so close to one.

Le jardin continues to grow at an astonishing rate.

It really has turned into a microcosm of Spring in the midst of all of this snow and cold.

Between the leg warmers and the hot tea and the Ralph Lauren pullovers, I just need to see something…Alive.  Green.  Flourishing.

The Basil and Tomatoes (I NEVER thought I would be attempting tomatoes at this house) are 100% committed at this point.  I’m not sure what to say about their other counterparts.

At least we’ve managed to ensure ourselves a steady supply of Margherita Pizza, Caprese Salad, Bruschetta and Pesto.


What’s your tacky little secret?

At what point does one stake tomato plants to make sure they’re growing straight up?