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Friday Food Round-Up!

So, that How to Cook Everythinginspired grilling rampage we were going to action this week?  Went out the window.  The temperatures have been hovering in the 30s and we got another pile of snow from Mother Nature.  I had to draw the line somewhere.

Another week, kittens.  Another week.

Rest assured that a lack of grilling didn’t translate into a lack of busy-ness.

Treats for MeganGranola and Cake Batter Bark

When Megan offered to send me a jar of her lovely jam, I felt it was only fair to hit a sister back.

So, I did a brief bout of brainstorming (let’s be serious, it was five seconds) and decided to send her a couple of things that would not go “off” over the course of a week (thank you, Pony Express).  More selfishly, I tried to choose things that I would be more than happy to have appear in my mailbox – granola and chocolate.

And, since it was in the New York Times (You Cooked What?  I’ll Trade You Granola!), swapping-it-out is obviously the vogue thing to do.

Saturday Brunch – Melissa D’Arabian’s Huevos Rancheros

I COMPLETELY forgot to snap pictures of this dish, but holy easy, batman!  Marcus and I both love Huevos Rancheros but we have never, ever made them because they just look time-intensive and breakfast is meant to be a relaxing moment in my world.

Mind you, since Marcus was in Las Vegas last weekend, Eli was the lucky girl who got to feast-it-out with me.  Because I had no need and/or desire to consume four tortillas between the two of us over the breakfast hour, I used a smaller casserole dish, lined it with two (smaller) tortillas, layered the ingredients egg bake-style and then baked it up for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Success.

Saturday Night – Spinach and Artichoke Pizza

Tina’s post was definitely the inspiration for this ladies’ night dinner.

I don’t want to say that homemade pizza is practically routine, but when I’m having a girlfriend over to catch-up, nothing is more soothing.

Our modifications: I made a homemade crust.  We dumped some mozzarella on top to seal the deal, which definitely helped.

If I made this again, I might even consider mixing in a tablespoonful or two of mayo, just to give it that extra savory flavor, you know?  On the bright side, you could always add even more spinach to up the nutrient-factor without killing the taste 🙂

Sunday – Shepherd’s Pie from the Joy of Cooking

About a year or so into Marcus and my relationship, Mom Thrifted a copy of this tome and passed it on to me.

It looked really nice on my shelf.  For two years.

I was trying to think of a nice Welcome Home from Sin City meal and I remembered Sue saying that she had actioned a Shepherd’s Pie out of there.  Having sampled said meal by her hand, I decided it was definitely a go.

Our modifications: No celery, a handful of frozen peas, no butter, and instead of mashing the potatoes with 1/2 cup of cooking liquid, we made up for that and the lack of butter with some extra beef stock.  Amen.

Wednesday – Jenna’s Channa Masala

Kittens, if you ever have any interest in making a foray into cooking Indian food (though I can’t attest to what level of authenticity we’ve managed to attain here), THIS is the recipe to start with.

It’s easy to the point where you can make it while talking to a girlfriend on the phone.  THE ENTIRE TIME.

Plus, if you go the two cans of chickpeas route (which I did this time), it makes enough for a dinner for two, lunch leftovers for the next day, and depending on your preference, enough for another round of leftovers OR a little freezer “emergency” container.

Win.  Win.  Win.

What did you do to feast-it-out this week?  What’s your go-to meal when you’re having a girls’ night?