Daily Archives: 03.23.2011

Wedding Wednesday

In the past year or so, like the horse of a different color in The Wizard of Oz, the colors of our wedding have changed.

Because who likes consistency, right?

Some brides pick a color, commit to the cause, and start actioning Vision Boards like there really won’t be a tomorrow.  NOTHING will deter them or get in their way.

Obviously I didn’t create enough any of those, because we’re on color combination #4.

It all started innocently, with an interesting purple-ish color that I couldn’t accurately describe to anyone.  That shouldn’t have come as such a shock to me, considering the fact that I didn’t know what color it really was.

But EVERYONE played along and agreed that it was going to look “just gorgeous.”

Obviously I can now definitively answer “Yes,” when asked if I am, in fact surrounded by soothsayers.

Well, that plan (Operation: Mystery Purple) was totally scrapped when we found The Dresses.  Really, I wasn’t so cut-up about the issue.

We just righted the ship and changed course.  Black!  White!  Silver!  Maybe Purple Shoes!  Maybe not purple shoes if they make everyone look awful!

And then, we finally started meeting with florists.

Yes, I know that we were a little late to the game on this one, but leisurely planning is definitely one of the perks of the traditional Sunday Jewish wedding.

See, we’re not doing elaborate floral arrangements on the tables.

Por que?  There will be 40 of them (the tables), and we’ll only be able to enjoy them for 12 hours…max.  From a cost-standpoint, it’s expensive, but more realistically, it’s kind of wasteful.

I’d rather have fresh bouquets of flowers delivered to my house every week for the next year.

But while we were meeting with this florist, Florist #1,  she suggested that we could scatter red rose petals around the cupcake tiers on each table.


And in the blink of an eye, our wedding color became red.

Red rose petals…red velvet cupcakes…I’m not one that takes a lot of convincing.  Obviously.

That’s what happens when you try to plan without a high level of commitment.

We met with another florist, Florist #2, who was more than happy to continue to hash the rose petal idea out with us.  It adds color!  Texture!  Visual Interest!

Since my bouquet (as well as my bridesmaids) will be white with green and red undertones (this was NOT my inspiration, but think of a color palette that you’d see on a Gala/Pink Lady/Fuji apple or something of the like), she led us down the logical path to choosing WHITE rose petals.


Remember that whole not-so-hard to convince-thing?

Goodbye, red.  We barely knew ye.

Black and white wedding, here we come!

What are your favorite bouquet-type flowers?

What’s the best/worst color (or color-combination!) you’ve seen someone use at a wedding?