Daily Archives: 03.21.2011

Spring By Association

I’ve managed to fill up another ShopStyle-cube, so it’s probably time for me to share my most recent buys with you all.

I mean, most Minnesotans I know don’t actually perform a full-on wardrobe-swap with the changing of the seasons.  But, now that we’ve officially made it to Spring, it’s time to start working EVERY COLOR IN THE RAINBOW back into our wardrobes.

My Plunder.

Unpictured: A couple of adorable pencil skirts from Ann Taylor (smoky gray and pink abstract leopard print) and LOFT (white and gold brocade).  I grabbed them on final sale in the store, so it wasn’t really a surprise that I couldn’t find pictures online to share with you all.

I’m not a psychic, but I just have an inkling that the most curious item here is the lavender belt.  I bought a faux-snakeskin belt from GAP last fall that has gray-ish/lavender tint to it that I absolutely love.  It’s incredibly neutral and extremely easy to wear with warm or cool color palettes.  Plus, Chloe and Kim have definitely encouraged me by their example to think outside the color-box.

I feel like I preach on this one all the time, but if you find a basic layering piece you like, buy it in MORE THAN ONE COLOR.  Yes, it’s important to have a well-edited wardrobe.  Yes, it’s important to keep your closet under control.  But when it comes to tees, tanks with interesting details, basic cardigans and long-sleeved shirts, there’s something to be said for stockpiling.  Why?

  1. You’re comfortable with the pieces.  You already know how they’ll fit.
  2. You can explore different color combinations.
  3. If you inadvertently destroy one of them, you’re not SOL (this is one of my deepest, darkest fears).

Because I don’t preach it unless I live it, I feel like it’s only right to admit that off of the top of my head, I can think of 8-10 different staples in my closet that I own multiples of.

Don’t think, just do.

What are your favorite early-spring buys?

Truth be told beyond these finds (thank you J.Crew Final Sale and Factory Online!), I’m probably on a total shopping hiatus now until the first round of spring markdowns starts.  Or I find an adorable dress for the honeymoon.  Whichever happens first, really.

Do you pack up and store seasonal clothing?

Besides the fact that closet space is already at a premium in this house, Minnesota weather is just crazy enough that with the exception of my Uggs and parka, pretty much everything is wearable year-round in some combination of layers.