Daily Archives: 03.19.2011


Kittens, it’s starting.  I thought I’d be able to hold off well into next week, but when ridiculousness strikes, I have to spill.  This is the way I live.

I registered for the Lake Minnetonka Half-Marathon on Thursday, right?

So I thought it would probably be a good idea to take a peek at some training plans (I’m roughly following the Runner’s World Intermediate Plan) to figure out when/where my long runs would start.

Last year, I had ~3 1/2 months to prepare for my race, and this go-round, I’m doing it in…a month and a half.

So this was an effort to, you know…plan ahead.  Be prepared.  That sort of thing.

And that’s how I ended up running nine miles this morning.

Hello world, c’est moi.

This is the part of the show where even I’m astonished by what’s going to come out of my mouth next

Because on a scale of one to obnoxious, it’s probably a 99.

That run?  Felt amazing.  Felt effortless.  Felt joyful.  Felt natural.

I was not winded.  Or in pain.

I was not cursing my existence.  Or exhausted.

I mean, yes, over the past few weeks I’ve upped my mileage (~40 miles/wk) and my speed to prepare my body for its running-release into the wild.

But still, body?  You TOTALLY impressed me today.

As did the Blueberry Muffin LARABAR I snarfed pre- and post-run.  I’m not sure if it was the blueberries or the vanilla extract that were killing it for me.  Regardless, this flavor is definitely joining the regular cast.

Not that I reward myself for feats of athletic (and feasting) prowess, but today’s showing was definitely a great reason to pick up some new running tops and shorts at Target.

I don’t want to say I’m going to look adorable on the trails, but if you see a girl with a brown ponytail, a lime green top and hot pink shorts on, you’ve probably found me 😉

Separately, despite being an extremely easy reserve of carbohydrates (kind of like Angela’s post on one runner’s all-McDonald’s diet), I probably need to lay-off the pre-run dinners of cupcakes, chardonnay and homemade pizza.

Are you running any spring races?

What’s your standard pre-long run fare?

I can do an oats/coffee combo a couple of hours before hand, but given that I like to wake up, roll out of bed and make it happen, I’m definitely a fan of the pre-/post-run LARABAR.