Daily Archives: 03.18.2011

Friday Food Round-Up!

This week we did a bit of re-incarnating, and a bit of stretching.  Not so much out of necessity, but out of a need to enjoy every last bit.  So, this week, instead of 3-4 dishes, I only bring you two.

Sunday – Curry in a Hurry

Thank you, Nigella Express for another delicious treasure.  The prep was extremely fast and the actual cooking was far-more low maintenance than what we’re even accustomed to!

Our modifications: At our grocery store, you can either buy Thai-brand green or red curry paste for $3.  If you wander down the ethnic foods aisle just a bit more, you can get a can of red curry paste for $1.25.  So, even though this recipe was written with a green curry paste in-mind, we definitely went red.  We subbed low-fat coconut milk for regular (it was what they had at Trader Joe’s) and incorporated an onion to the base as well.  Our frozen green beans were terribly freezer-burned, so instead we rinsed a can and dumped those.  Still delicious.

Finally,  pinch of cayenne allowed us to create a warmer all-around heat.

Who knew I would become a cayenne sensei, right?

Next time?  We would definitely halve the amount of water in the recipe for a thicker sauce.

Monday – White Chicken Chili

As we already know, Jenna is just as welcome in my kitchen as Nigella, Ree, Mark or Michael.

This was our second go-round with this dish and for some reason, it ended up with a bit more liquid than our last endeavor (what else is new at our casita?).  I think that next time I would give it a bit more time with the lid off to allow the situation to thicken.  Or perhaps go the overnight-storage route and let the whole thing come together just a bit more.

Amount of liquid aside, Marcus declared this to be one of the best batches of chili he’s ever had the privilege of savoring.

My goal for next week: To action a couple of great grilling recipes (or oven-type dishes depending on the weather) from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything.  I think I’ve owned it for a year now, and so far I have used this all-in-one tome to ascertain how long baking potatoes should remain in the oven, and whether or not the Coq au Vin recipe I got off the internet was even remotely accurate.

Something is SO wrong with that picture.

Feast it out, friends: What did you make this week?  Did you commit any epic feats of leftover-reincarnation?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that on Tuesday night we made chili fries with the aforementioned white chicken chili and a batch of oven fries.  Highly recommend.

What cookbooks (intentionally or not) do you let sit on the shelf?