Daily Archives: 03.16.2011

Wedding Wednesday

As per my announcement two weeks ago, I’ve managed to “be good” and stay away from my registries.  Yes, at various points I’ve forced my bridesmaids and Bri to check all of them to determine whether or not we registered for a new tea kettle (the grasp Le Creuset holds over my life knows no boundaries) or a microwave.

But I have stayed strong.

Here’s to keeping the mystery alive.

Last weekend was fairly productive as far as the wedding is concerned.  Mind you, I’m pretty sure that EVERY weekend from here on out will be like that.  So, what did we Accomplish?

The Groom’s Dinner

So, back in October or November, Sue and Mom booked the groom’s dinner site, sight unseen with our blessing.  Fast-forward to March and it was time to do a tasting/actually SEE the place.

Well, the good news?  It’s just beautiful!  The room will overlook the golf course and we’ll have the bar set-up on an amazing patio outside.  I was especially thrilled by the patio revelation because we couldn’t do any sort of outdoors-arrangement for the ceremony or the reception.

This should definitely make up for it.

Insofar as our tasting was concerned, I was pleasantly surprised by the food, as per the analysis of my All-Carb Weekend.  I’ve been to too many weddings where they’ve served Italian food that has either been completely inedible or overcooked to the point of tastelessness.  Which, if you think about it, is kind of the same as being inedible.

No bueno.


We really only had one place in-mind as far as cupcakes were concerned.  So, on Saturday we de-camped to Sweet Retreat in Edina to do a “tasting” and make some Decisions.

The baker seemed kind of taken-aback when we asked to sample all of the cupcakes they had in their case, immediately dismissed four of them for lacking aesthetic appeal (those came home with us to take-up residence in the freezer), and then proceeded to tuck-in to the remaining 10.

Yes, this means for the first time in my life, I actually managed to share a cupcake.  But obviously, I was happy as a clam.

And ironically, after completing the tasting, we ended up with the six I would have picked anyway – Kevin’s Vanilla Princess, Choczilla, Chocolate on Chocolate, Cookies n’ Cream, Peanut Butter Cup and Red Velvet.


The Ketubah

So Jews aren’t really in the practice of reciting their own vows during the wedding ceremony.  Or unity sand.  Or lots or readings.

It’s just not how we do.  And actually, I’m completely fine with the situation.  I’ve listened to too many awkward poems and heard too many poorly sung (by family members-turned-soloists) songs.  My heart is free.

But with our ketubah, we have the opportunity to include a section written in English that would be extremely similar to that sort of (vows) situation.  Which is wonderful, and overwhelming all at once.

I (obviously) love to write, and Marcus avoids writing like The Plague.

So after a bit of reading, a LOT of re-writing and logging some quality time at the dining room table, we managed to come up with something that we’ll be happy to re-read 50 years from now.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had at a wedding?

Married readers: Did you write your own vows?