Kittens, as per yesterday’s post, I don’t know that we’ve gotten that fussed about a food group since I ate the cheese off of the bottom of the pie pan.

To draw a completely non-scientific conclusion, cheese-lovers are also jam-lovers.


Where does that leave me?  Sitting on the couch watching Weeds (they FINALLY released the 6th season on DVD – thank you Netflix!) and sipping red wine.

Calling?  Or Calling?

You be the judge.

I’m filing it under Worthy Ways To Spend A Tuesday Night.

And now, a detour into the land of random.

After last year’s post-South Padre encounter with a former inmate from San Quentin (yes, seriously), Billy decided that Panama City Beach wasn’t even in the running as far as Spring Break destinations were concerned.

So, somehow at the last-minute he ended up in Myrtle Beach, SC.

There was some sort of actual decision-making process behind this sojourn, but given that I didn’t even know he was out of the state until he was past Lexington, Kentucky, it was neither here nor there.

Little brothers are so tricky sometimes.  Even when they’re 21.

Getting back to the point, today for whatever reason that the golf course wasn’t calling their names, they all went fishing at the pier.

Totally normal.  A lovely pastime.  It’s something that Billy does all the time when we’re Up North at the Cabin.

Until he caught a Sand Shark.

I don’t know about you all, but that is NOT something that happens at the end of the dock on Big Pine Lake.

When he texted me that picture this morning, I was all like, Why can’t you do normal spring break things like binge drinking and stuff?

But another one of his friends managed to reel in a stingray.  So I suppose in the scheme of things, Billy actually got the better end of the bargain.


What’s the one vacation destination you would NEVER return to?  Was it dirty?  Was it frightening?  Was it a lawless land?  Spill.

Do you fish?  What’s the strangest thing you’ve caught?

I used to fish off of the pontoon when I was  little pup.  I never caught anything particularly fascinating, but every once in a while, one of the cousins would catch a snapping turtle or something equally as bizarre.

p.s. Both animals were released back into the wild.  Billy and I were raised in a you kill it, you eat it-type of house.


16 responses to “Noted.

  1. I’m pretty sure I would never go back to Maine. I was scarred for life when my family drove up there one summer and a street vendor verbally abused me after I requested saurkraut on my hot dog.

    I’ve gone fishing a few times, and I just caught some ugly-lookin’ fish. I was surprisingly skilled, though. 😉

  2. I was half hoping that the pictures would be a progressive montage of your brother catching and then eating the shark…..could have been an homage to Andrew Zimmern

  3. I like cheese, jam and Weeds so thanks for the heads up about the DVD release. Please warn of spoiler alerts should you feel the need to debrief episodes on your blog :).

  4. I went to Manzanillo Mexico one year. The ocean waves were BLACK. And apparently the “all inclusive resort” we stayed in was actually where all the Mexican families take their spring breaks. Never again.

    When I was little I caught a dogfish. I have a picture of my dad holding it on the end of the dock and his face is priceless. Apparently they are disgusting, who would’ve known.

  5. Honestly never had any bad vacation destination experience and I hope I don’t have any. Fishing I tried it once when I was a kid, but caught nothing 😦

  6. How is Billy liking Myrtle Beach? When John and I went a few years ago, we were kind of disappointed. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t fabulous either.

    Cleveland, OH is a place I don’t have to go again. Meh.

  7. Ha! Hubby tried fishing the whole week were at his parent’s cabin last summer. Every morning and afternoon he went out saying “we have to catch enough fish so we can eat!” We ate. No fish were caught.

  8. I would never go back to Johannesburg, South Africa. So sorry to any South African readers…your country is beautiful in so many ways and I’d love to go back someday…but Jo’burg gave me the heebie-jeebies. Pretty much everyone we met had been the recipient of SOME kind of violent crime.

  9. worst vacation was when we were in Western Australia and the hotel room was crawling with ants (even in your bed!) wouldn’t be so unexpected if we weren’t paying $200 a night!!

    anyway, my fishing expertise stops and ends with fishing for tadpoles when i was like 8. i think i had one as a pet for 12 hours. 😉

  10. Billy sounds like someone who would have some great stories to tell!
    Hmm… I have yet to have a traumatic experience during spring break, but maybe this spring break will bring some crazy antics.

  11. Worst vacation spot ever: Motel 7 (yes, 7!) in Detroit, Michigan. Adam and I drove over 500 miles to Detroit for a family wedding a few summers ago. Lesson learned: There’s a reason some motels aren’t “chains,” and it’s the reason we will never stay at one again!

  12. Am I alone in thinking that catching a shark is pretty cool? Especially one that isn’t large enough to do any serious damage to your body. It’s kind of cute in a scary kind of way. I am a freshwater girl. No sharks to shear off a limb.

  13. I would never say never, but Mexico is high on my list of places to avoid, as is Jamaica. If you can go with a true 5 star (e.g., Fairmont Mayakoba in the Mayan Riviera, Half Moon in Jamaica), then, sure.

    I would have to agree with Stephanie’s assessment of Jo’burg – it’s pretty sketchy (and lots of other parts of S.A. are, too), and we were accompanied by friends who kept us in the very high-end, least dangerous areas. It’s beautiful, though, and we’ll go back someday, but will probably be strategic about transportation so that we’re as safe as possible.

    Don’t fish, but that’s just because my family isn’t into the outdoorsy stuff. My dad was/is big into air conditioning and cable on vacation. LOL

  14. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rule out.

    I do fish in the summer. With a Spongebob Squarepants fishing pole, cheese, and chardonnay. Still want to meet me this weekend 😉

  15. mmm – nothing like the (cup)cake testing!!! That’s one tummy ache that’s totally worth it! ; )

  16. Iraq, I would never voluntarily choose to go back there. Does that count?

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