Daily Archives: 03.14.2011

The light has changed.

What a difference a day makes.

A few mugs of tea, a fair amount of spicy and a TON of veggies later, I am restored.

More importantly, the light has changed.  By that I mean, the sun is shining like it actually means it (as opposed to two weeks ago, when it so obviously did not).  On my drive home, the argument for a run outside was compelling.  And then I realized that it was 39 degrees outside.


Like Kirsten, I’m ready for the spring to arrive.  Yesterday.

The good news?  Last August, I put about five chopped peaches and ~16 ears of corn (removed from the cob) in the freezer.  I thought in the darkest days of December, I would need them.

To remind me that there was a place beyond eight hours of daylight and sub-zero temperatures.

But instead I needed Latkes and Egg Nog.

It was that whole intuitive…thing.

Now?  I DEFINITELY need them.  And the only way I can think of to explain this craving is to compare it to how there was a certain point at the beginning of fall where I was fairly certain that if I wasn’t able to eat pumpkin at every meal, the earth would stop turning.

Eat with the seasons, what?

Another sign of spring?  A week and a half ago, Megan set to making Blackberry-Grand Marnier Jam.  I was astonished that anyone could accomplish a feat like that.  And then, because we are royal-loving, carbaholic soulmates, she offered to send me a jar to “try.”

Yes, Mom and Dad, that means that I sent my name and address to someone I just met.


Somehow, I just have a feeling that we’ve probably come a long way from the good old days of AOL.


The fact that she put a bit of fabric on the jar basically killed me.

Y’all know how good I am at that whole patience-thing.

In the spirit of the chicken and the egg…Which came first: The Spoon or the Toast?

As far as I'm concerned, this might as well be a scene from Jaws.

The spoon.  Obviously.

Marcus was a little bit perplexed, I was a little bit overjoyed.

I took two bites and magically, it was a Saturday morning in the summer and I was eating breakfast out on the deck.


In all seriousness kittens, this stuff should not be legal!  I died eating it straight out of the jar.  I died eating it with a bit of butter on a whole wheat english muffin.  My next renaissance?  Might need to involve some vanilla ice cream.

I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’.

What’s your favorite flavor of jam?

When I’m not busy reaping the fruits of others’ labors, I’m a fan of the Raspberry All-Fruit Spread from Trader Joe’s.  Try pairing that with some chunky peanut butter and you’ll just die.

Do you eat with the seasons?