Daily Archives: 03.13.2011

All-Carb Weekend

Kittens, this weekend has been an all-carb one.

Usually this is the part where I would say, I kid!  Or make some crack about Thanksgiving coming early.  The reality?  It’s mid-March and sometimes instead of letting the train run over you, you have to jump on.

Oh, how I jumped.

On Friday we did a tasting  for the Groom’s Dinner that ended up being more feast-y and less sample-y (read: lasagna, penne with white + red sauce!, blueberry tiramisu and flourless chocolate torte).  Saturday?  We journeyed to Edina for a cupcake tasting at Sweet Retreat.  We ALL know how that goes.  I probably had three cupcakes.

Sorry for partying.

And today, for Purim (it’s on March 19th this year) we baked Hamantaschen.

Apparently our mission was to bake ~22 dozen cookies.

So, totally no big deal.

Lord help me.

A simple pictorial step-by-step:

The filling. You can stuff them with whatever, really. But we go the chopped-dried fruit route. And the occasional peanut butter and chocolate chip route.

The staging area. Thank God for granite countertops.

Ready for the oven. The nice part about baking these things? They don't really spread and they nest oh-so-well.

The finished product. Obviously brushing them with an egg wash wasn't our numero uno priority.

Beyond the two that I snarfed while we were there, I brought home another 12 (half of which ended up in the freezer).

Nothing is safe anymore.


The good news about an all-carb weekend?  99.9% of the time they’re relaxing as hell.  You had better believe that I read the latest copy of ELLE, did some fairly focused de-cluttering, and napped like it was going out of style.

All-carb weekends: Do you find them relaxing or no?

What do you do when you’re coming off of an all-carb weekend?

I usually go for a heavy dosing of green tea (check!), something spicy (check!) and as many veggies (check!) as I can round-up in one go.