Going Big.

First and foremost, wonderful news,  My Ravennas came!

I tried them all on (and did brief bit of trotting), found the purple color-scheme to be FAR less disconcerting than I had originally anticipated and most-importantly confirmed that they all fit.

So I stashed them and Gave Thanks.

This morning, Marcus was clever enough to realize (while I was busy doing my thing and forgetting) that it was time to get down and dirty with le jardin.

Since last Hanukkah with his extended family involved a White Elephant where we received a Greenhouse and some seeds (in addition to the leftover seeds from last year’s planting), planting an herb garden this year is basically free for us.

Except for the fact that we’ll need to buy another three planters for the deck, because this year instead of trying to sprout a total of 24 pods (or whatever they’re called), we’re going for 72.


Behold: The Greenhouse.

If this isn't what commitment looks like, I don't know what does.

In the mix, we planted 18 basil, 12 oregano, 18 tarragon, 12 chive and 12 roma tomato.  The tomatoes were an after-thought because they just happened to be a seed packet that came with the kit.

It can’t hurt to try, right?  And in a month’s time, we’ll know how we fared, though I certainly hope that the law of large numbers is with us.

Post-planting, we dedicated today to a slew of all things-wedding, which we’ll go into further detail about on Wednesday.

But while we were in-between appointments (Marcus intentionally dropped-out after the first one), Sue, Mom and I decided we needed to slake our thirst.  Mom suggested McDonald’s, and since I have absolutely no recollection of the last time I set foot in a restaurant or rolled through the drive-thru, I agreed.

I’ve had weird McDonald’s experiences before…like when I bit into my burger and found a bit of plastic baggie (I really should have sued) or when I tried the Big Mac Snack Wrap.

But I think this one definitely takes the cake.

What is this?! Like, I mean seriously, what IS this?!

In case the picture wasn’t worth 1,000 words, I was among many other things, Astonished.

  1. Confused.  Didn’t they stop with the styrofoam packages in the mid-90’s because it was terrible for the environment and landfills and baby seals and all that?
  2. Mystified. Apparently sweet tea has taken over the joint to the point where you have to order an unsweetened iced tea if you want a regular, plain, honest-to-goodness iced tea.  Am I the only one who feels like sweet tea, while delicious, has totally jumped the shark?
  3. Horrified.  For a scale-measurement, the cup was as tall as my head.  How can people look one another in the eye and act confused about why our country has an obesity crisis if these are a readily available, socially acceptable choice?

What’s the last thing that surprised you at a fast food restaurant?

I’ll be honest, I want to take a whack at drinking the Trenta.  Because that much iced coffee is the definition of sheer insanity.

8 responses to “Going Big.

  1. Wow… I have not seen a styroform cup in… I don’t know how long. They creep me out to drink out of.
    That herb garden looks very legitimate. Hopefully you will end up with lots of great little goodies!

  2. The first time I saw the “KFC Bowl” commercial, I thought it was a Saturday Night Live commercial.

    I just read that on average Americans drink 450 calories a day, twice as many as were consumed 30 years ago. I wonder how many calories that sweet tea has?

  3. LOL at you in that picture. I was most surprised, recently, to hear the new McDonalds’ oatmeal has as many calories as a Sausage McMuffin. Holy moley, batman! Also – I told Jay the story about your shoes, and buying 3 pairs, and he laughed out loud and understood why!! Hahahaha.

  4. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a list, so…
    1. I was totally shocked when I saw the ads for a KFC sandwich that uses two fried chicken strips in place of the bread. Fried chicken encased in more fried chicken. I had heart palpitations as the mere thought.

    2. The sound styrofoam makes gives me chills–it’s my equivalent of nails on a chalk board.

    3. The obesity epidemic is self imposed and perpetuated by trough sized everything.

    4. Even so, I am definitely going to give the Trenta a whirl once it makes the journey up north.

  5. Urgh I hate styrofoam!

  6. Whaa? I haven’t seen a styrofoam cup in ages! And yes, last time I was at a fast food place, I couldn’t believe how HUGE the “small” size was!

  7. Yay for your shoes arriving!

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