Daily Archives: 03.10.2011

Being Reveled

Exhaustion strikes, kittens.  Wisconsin is falling apart at the seams.  We managed to dodge not one, but two rounds of snow this week.  But that doesn’t stop me from sharing pearls of wisdom like they’re going out of style.

Life Lesson: Don’t write your promotional tweets at 10:30 PM when your “A” key is on the fritz and you’re on your second glass of Chardonnay.  Instead of “revealed,” you will be “reveled.”

I almost broke into a fit of hysterical laughter when I saw this one.  Which would have been totally fine, except for the fact that Marcus was sound asleep next to me.


Today, The Power Color at work was red.  Last week, it was teal.  It’s kind of like Pantone.  Except the complete opposite and on a micro-scale.  Who knows what next week may bring.

Fingers and toes it’s orange, kittens.  That actually IS the color of spring this year.  Part of me wants to invest, but the other part of me is 99.9% positive that I already have three orange tops hanging in my closet and that’s really probably enough.

Speaking of workday discoveries, I’m getting a heinous zit on my chin.

Even though this is basically the most disgusting/dull thing I could possibly admit to y’all, you have to understand that I’ve been blessed with great skin (and I mean that in the least-vain way possible).

To clarify, I have, I never wash my face or take off any of my make-up and the world doesn’t come crashing down around me-great skin.

I don’t even own any concealer.

So “unacceptable” doesn’t even really begin to describe the situation.

We finally watched the season finale of GREEK.  Which, basically snuck up on us.

Yes, it was low-budget.

Yes, it was on ABC Family.

Yes, it had extremely gimick-y moments.

But for all of that, it was real.  It was Greek Life.  And I know that I’m not the only person who is positive that I met all of those people at school.

The ending?  Was intense.  I don’t think either one of us looked at the other once during the entire show.  And surprisingly enough, after we finished it, Marcus was the one to observe that it was one of the most depressing moments on television…Ever.

Which of your favorite shows have gone off the air?

Even though The Office’s number is definitely up, I live in fear of the day that it ends.

How often do you end up matching your co-workers?  Did you have a power color at work this week?

Honestly, for all of the extremely bizarre colors I wear (thank you, J.Crew sale rack!), I’m surprised by how often I’m matching at least one co-worker.