Daily Archives: 03.08.2011


Tonight, it’s as simple as that.  It’s all about the confessions.  You know, go with the flow.  Follow my heart.  Find my true north.  Chase my dreams.

That sort of thing.

I had no clue that today was International Women’s Day.  For what it’s worth, I had also completely forgotten that Mardi Gras was upon us.  I should probably start planning for next year, now.

I find maxi-dresses to be more violent on the eyes and soul than mixing patterns.

I run for the following reasons in the following order: to eat, to get skinny and to get healthy.

With the exception of my shoes and extremely ambiguous running socks, all of my other running gear is Champion (thanks, Target!).

Because Marcus is a MAJOR blanket-thief I am tactile first and practical second, instead of sleeping with the traditional sheets-blanket-comforter combo on my half of the bed, I build a base of tied fleece blankets (2) and then incorporate the remaining layers as needed.

I have a three-times-a-day tea habit.  And despite the fact that I faithfully sip a mug of Green Tea a day, I think that whole thing about it rockin’ your metabolism is a total lie.

On the other hand, I find Children’s Chewable vitamins to be FAR more palatable than Women’s multi-vitamins.

As much as I fancy myself to be Epicurious, I’m definitely more All Recipes.

I think the Margaritaville Margarita Machine might be the most functional kitchen appliance I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I find the fact that people still eat margarine to be more frightening than the recession.

I want to know who decided that the name “Dress Barn” would be appealing to women.

Our everyday drinking cups are plastic ones that we’ve stolen from Zorbaz over the past two summers.

When we’re Up North at the Cabin, To Catch a Predator is Billy’s and my favorite show to watch.

Other bloggers’ Outfit of the Day snaps only serve to remind me that by-and-large, we really have not come that far since kindergarten.

I judge every book by its cover.  If it’s not on the Amazon Top 100 and it has a crappy cover, there’s no way it’s coming home with me.

I believe that HLN was designed specifically with airport television sets in mind.

Even though Carnations are filler-flowers for sure, I’m always extremely impressed by how full their blooms are.

Jon Stewart makes me laugh so hard that I almost fall of the treadmill.  Every time.

I’m beyond tired of people using Twitter to whine.  No one wants to hear about your sad life in play-by-play form.  That’s why we’re all tweeting and NOT checking our Facebook status updates.

I’m confused about why we exalt Charlie Sheen but demonize Chris Brown.  To that end, I no longer feel guilty about the fact that I love the song,Yeah 3x.

What’s your confession?  Spill!