Daily Archives: 03.06.2011

Industry and Nesting

After a weekend of food poisoning, friends and feasting (apparently the three things I can’t live without), I dedicated today to Industry and Nesting.

I marauded about in a men’s XL wool sweater from J.Crew.

I briefly contemplated doing an Outfit of the Day snap for y’all (intentionally or not, I have seen A LOT of gnarly get-ups around blog world lately and NOT in the ironic way), but my ‘fit was a little bit too ferosh for public consumption.

In all seriousness, it’s the first week in March.  For reasons completely unbeknownst to me, I am absolutely freezing to death in a way that is worse than January.  I don’t know if it’s because my body is experiencing some sort of permafrost situation, or what.  I do know that it has gotten to the point where I’ve started sleeping with a sweatshirt and my heated blanket because the blanket burrito simply isn’t enough.

I engaged in Freezer Purging.

In my world, a well-organized refrigerator/freezer arrangement is next to holiness.  While I would say that Marcus and I are actually fairly high-functioning freezer-users, there are some things that just don’t get used before their time.

So, we say sayonara.

I baked.

It’s calming.  It’s focused in a way that cooking isn’t.  Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that I basically never bake, I actually have an entire cabinet dedicated to pantry staples for it.  It’s that whole Be Prepared thing.  When the mood strikes, it pays off.

I updated.

I’ve been meaning to share the recipes for Croutons and Mustard Crusted Chicken with y’all for a good few weeks now.  Today, The Stars Aligned and I finally managed to get them posted.  Enjoy!

I watched Couples Therapy.

Which, despite the extraordinarily terrible CGI, was hysterical.  If you’ve got HBO, right now it’s available via On Demand.

What are your nesting activities of choice?