Little Fingers, Little Toes

No, we’re not expecting.

For the record, we have no plans to expect ANYTHING (including pets) for the next five years.

But today was the first friend-baby shower I attended.

Bridal Showers?  Easy.  You’re celebrating a girlfriend who has sacrificed all semblance reason to love and can only do so with a matching-set of coffee mugs by her side.

Baby Showers?  Overwhelming.  Because obviously whatever baby eats in, sleeps in and plays in will shape their world view.  For eternity.

I don’t know about you all, but that’s some weighty stuff right there.

Since they don’t know if little Baby J is a boy or a girl, we rocked gender-neutral themes like professionals.

What I discovered while roaming the Target aisles: There are really great options for boys (predators, galore!), terrible options for girls (some extremely poorly done butterflies in nauseating shades of pink/purple) and if you’re looking for something that’s “gender neutral” (NOTE: it may initially appear to be more “masculine”), you just have to bite the bullet and make it so.

Ducklings all the way!

It probably helped that Target just switched out all of their stuff for Easter.

It also probably helped that Target made baby socks one of their end caps.  Babies are terribly ferocious at losing That One Sock at the most inopportune moments.  For all of their best efforts at de-socking, it’s probably surprising that we don’t see more baby socks strewn about as we go on with our day-to-day living.

After snatching five pairs, instead of having clarity and a sense of inner well-being, I had questions.

  1. Why aren’t baby socks sold in a multi-pack like adult socks?
  2. What’s the point of incorporating a slipper-sock component on the sole of a foot that cannot and will not walk?
  3. When does one make the decision to put a sock on baby versus a shoe?
  4. Does the socks with sandals rule still apply when your M.O. is attempting to stick your entire fist inside your mouth all day long?


Have you ever been to a baby shower before?

What’s the best nursery theme you’ve ever seen?

I SO wish I could remember what blog I saw this on, but one mommy-to-be was having a little boy and they arranged a Pirate-themed nursery for him.  It was freaking adorable.


11 responses to “Little Fingers, Little Toes

  1. I had to HOST a baby shower this past year. Talk about pressure and stress! My friend just did a pink, black and white theme…not my cup of tea, but it was cute!

  2. I’ve been to many baby showers… I love shopping for the babies though. They have so many cute things out there!

  3. I’ve been to a lot of baby showers in the last couple of years – and they can be overwhelming, especially when you are a very single lady who loves her independence and does not just drop everything to take in the “awe” of babies (just do not get it…). Now, I am not a game person but youhave to play them at showers (or so it seems) and baby shower games are weird – I do not want to eat baby food or the worst – melting chocolate bars in diapers and guess what kind of “poop” it is – seriously – we are adults, what on earth are we thinking?! Oh well, at least the women are fun to see normally.
    As for themes – I am a fan of no theme, just classic boy or girl – picture Pottery Barn inspiration, those are my favorite.
    Much love,

  4. I went to my first baby shower a few months ago. I felt so out of place- it was for my mom’s cousin, and everyone there was a lot older and already had kids. I loved picking out an outfit for the baby, but DAMN baby clothes are expensive! 15 bucks for an outfit that the kid will outgrow in a month?!

  5. I just recently started having baby showers for co-workers and friends who are just now starting families. Some of the registries I picked up were TEN pages long!

    The last one had stuff on it that the baby wouldn’t even use until they were three. When my daughter was born, I had a dresser, a crib, and about 10 outfits. Growing up all her toys fit in one toy box because I couldn’t afford more, so every birthday and Christmas she had to purge some stuff to give away in order to keep the new stuff.

    Wouldn’t you know that she had ever piece of every game she’d ever had. My sisters kids? I bought a lego car for my nephew – within five minutes he’d lost two wheels and wanted to know when I was going to buy him a new one!

    And my daughter graduated with a 3.8 GPA and just made the Dean’s List her first semester in college – turns out she didn’t need to have matching bunting pads and curtains to be successful! 😀

  6. Baby shower registries? Now I’ve heard everything….
    It’s been a while since I’ve been to a baby shower, and thankfully I never had to play a game at one. Now that I’ve had my own babies, and they’re mostly grown, I love holding other peoples’ babies!

  7. Kaia has a pink nautical theme in her nursery. It’s super cute in my opinion and yet . . . if I had realized I was going to keep her in my room all the time we probably would have chosen a bit of a cheaper investment. Girl clothes, generally, seem to be cuter than the boys options. At least that’s what I’ve found when shopping for Kaia. Or maybe I’m easy to please? Gender neutral is always the hardest! And the socks! Oh the socks! Kat, she keeps nothing on her feet. It’s almost a complete waste except for the fact that when it’s so cold out and I have to lug the dog out, well, she has to go too. That’s just about the only time she wears socks, or when we go out of the house for other reasons (which lamely is quite less frequently at the moment) and then I am constantly having to check to make sure they are still there, pull them up, pick them up and re-put them on . . . and repeat. I don’t know when they keep them on easily but here’s to hoping it’s soon.

  8. I have not attended a friend’s baby shower yet. But as for nurseries, I like neutral ones with colors and shapes and maybe a duke or two. I hope you had a good weekend!

  9. I honestly kind of hate baby showers. I kind of hated mine. Because we didn’t find out if ours was a boy or girl, we got about 100 lbs of baby shampoo. I may or may not have cried and told my mom at this rate, my baby would be naked for the first months of its little life. Dude, hormones, what do you want from me?

    Socks versus shoes versus bare feet still has me baffled.

    We did Wee ‘Burb’s nursery using the NoJo Jungle theme. I had a thing for monkeys when I was pregnant for some reason. We even call Wee ‘Burb “monkey.” It’s green and yellow and very simple. I don’t do pink.

  10. I don’t like showers of any kind, but had a couple when I had my first kid. We got lots of gender neutral stuff, which was perfect, because I tried not to be too stereotypical with the colours – however, my daughter now loves pink and it drives me a little crazy. LOL.

    Our kids’ nursery theme was an under the sea kind of theme, with 2 tones of blue on the wall and fish (many adapted from Nemo) my husband painted on the wall. My son still talks about his old bedroom (we moved 3 years ago). He would say good night to the fish when he was little. So cute.

  11. I went to a baby shower for my cousin this past year, it was really cute!

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