Daily Archives: 03.04.2011

Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, in order to make sure we got dinner on the table at a reasonable hour (hello, meetings!), we did a bit ALL of our cooking-ahead.

Novel concept.

So on Sunday, we made Aloo Gobi and Coq au Riesling (according to Nigella, it’s better if it’s given the opportunity to rest for a day), and on Tuesday I made Wednesday night’s Chili.


And I’ll be the first to admit that it was actually kind of relaxing to be able to focus on re-heating instead of the kitchen-capade that is everyday cooking.  We ate earlier, had fewer dishes to clean up, and made it to all of our meetings on-time.

Sunday: Aloo Gobi

Once again delicious, but this time with (if you can believe it) too much sauce.  And maybe we didn’t need that extra potato.

The downward spiral started when I realized that the pot we were using was too small.  From there, trying to get the heating just right with the amount of liquid needed to steam/cook just wasn’t happening.

I’ll file my latest attempt at Aloo Gobi as “acceptable.”

Monday: Coq au Riesling

Never, ever underestimate the power of some finely chopped parsley to improve the flavor and presentation of your dish.

Thank you, Nigella, for another treasure out of your unexpected Hanukkah gift, Nigella Express.

This was another one of those…we could follow the recipe or…we could mostly not.

Our Modifications: No bacon but add a bit of butter, hold the leek and instead use an onion, substitute ~3 minced garlic cloves for the garlic-infused olive oil, toss in some chopped carrots, swap Riesling with Chardonnay, crumble in a couple of chicken bouillon cubes (you know you crave that flavor) and yes it’s okay to use sour cream instead of milk or heavy cream to thicken the sauce.

As per Nigella’s other request (beyond allowing it to “rest” overnight), we served it over noodles.  If I had done any thinking ahead, I would have grabbed some bowties at Trader Joe’s last weekend.  But I didn’t.  Thankfully, we still had half a box of jumbo macaroni in the pantry.  It did well in a pinch.

Wednesday: The Pioneer Woman’s Simple, Perfect Chili

I don’t want to say that I Give Thanks every day that Marcus finally dropped the act and started eating chili.

But I kind of do.

It’s hearty.  It’s comforting.  It serves as a perfect vehicle for sour cream and shredded cheese and a few bits here and there of chopped red onions.

You could serve it over rice or noodles or with cornbread or whatever it is that the crazy kids are into these days.  In our house, you get a spoon and if your name starts with an “M” as many tortilla chips as your heart desires.

Maybe I’m really serving a deconstructed Frito Pie.  It’s hard to be sure sometimes.

But that is neither here nor there.

Beginning cooks take note, this is definitely a great starter recipe as the ingredients required are easily sourced, and there aren’t any highly complicated techniques going on.  Just stir, put a lid on and ignore.

What were your kitchen-capades this week?

Did you feast on naan pizza M-F?  Did you bake an inappropriately large batch of cookies?  Did you attempt something exotic like a tagine?  Lord knows I want to know, so spill!