Daily Archives: 03.03.2011

Sign Me Up for Hoarders

Kittens, sometimes I really struggle to figure out what to share with you all on any given day.  Sometimes my content writes itself.

Today’s content?  Definitely wrote itself.

Y’all know that I’m in the midst of a major love affair with Brooks’ Ravenna running shoes.

Like, in a life-partners sort of way.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, The Universe directed me to check the Brooks website to see if they had released an updated shoe for spring.  You know, since that’s what they do.

So I did.

And they had.

At which point, my heart caught in my chest and I found myself in full-fledged panic mode.

Because like I’ve said before, those shoes are like a perfectly molded, second-sole for my foot.  There is no world in which they could improve upon the design.

Maybe for other runners.

But not for me.  Unless they surgically implanted that sole into my foot.

Which would be 100% functional and 100% not adorable.

With that visual in mind, and Lady Gaga’s Born this Way playing in my head, I guess it’s really better that it’s not an option.

So I set out to Google-shop the pants off the situation to buy one, last pair before I’d have to make the switch.

I never really felt like a "purple" runner, but this was The Option.

As it turned out, Brooks had marked them down to $65/pair on their site.

My finger was poised over the mouse, ready to click the order button.

And then I started doing mileage-math.  If I bought one pair, I’d have shoes that would last me through June.

Heartbreaking.  Really.

So I went a little farther out.  Buying two pairs would get me to a week before the marathon.

Runner or not, I think we all know that switching shoes right before any race is a fool-thing.

I did the unthinkable.  I called Marcus to forewarn him.  And then I ordered three pairs of shoes.


I have officially become That Runner who hoards her favorite shoes.  The Kat who was training for her first 5k a year ago would barely recognize the madness that goes on ’round these parts nowadays.

What’s the most ridiculous purchase you’ve made?