Daily Archives: 03.02.2011

Wedding Wednesday

Here’s the deal: For the next month, Marcus and I will be attending weekly group marriage classes arranged by the Conservative Synagogues in the area.

So in the spirit of that (and because of the fact that if I was busy before, now this stuff is REALLY starting to pick up and I don’t want to blog about it every single day), Wedding Wednesday is here to stay.

For reals.

Our registry is done.

I don’t plan on looking at it again until after the wedding.  To see what we still need.

Like honestly?  We already have a house.  With furniture.  And cookware.  And utensils.  And blankets.

I wouldn’t say “we’re set,” but it’s not like our registry is the deciding factor in whether or not we’ll have a bed to sleep in.

While I’m beyond excited to receive some of the things we registered for (it’s like a Christmas List…on crack!), mostly I have zero idea of how any of it will actually look in the house.  I mean hell, when we were picking out paint colors the first time around, almost half of them ended up being wrong.

So I’m just trusting in the process.  I mean, how broken can the system be?

Our save-the-dates have been mailed.

I mean, you already saw them, but the feedback we got on them was just wonderfully encouraging.

And the moment our mothers finished addressing them (cut a girl some slack…I was in D.C.), the only thing I was 100% certain about was that our guest list wasn’t perfect.

Truly, there was a point where I had to stop looking at the list because it was starting to drive me nuts.

We expect 400 people to attend The Wedding.

I know that if we and our families really wanted to invite anyone and everyone who is important to us, we’d probably settle in at a comfortable 550 or 600.

But we had to draw a line somewhere.

So we’re having a wedding.  Some people are coming.  And I know that we didn’t invite the wrong people.

So we’re doing pretty good…Right?

Our invitations guy has gone AWOL.

After spending two agonizing hours with him and getting the wrong proofs, one would assume that we would have made some progress by now.

You know, since the wedding is in three months.

We didn’t get the typesetter’s proofs until this afternoon.

At least I’m not marrying that hottie, Christopher, anymore.

But given the epic success of the Save-the-Dates, I’m now 100% confident that we could just Shutterfly the pants off of an invitation if needed.

It would not be cream-colored with a slightly different cream border.  But much like a Border Collie, it would get the job done.

At what point do you just relax and go with the flow?