It’s past 9 PM, the “A” key on my netbook is acting up, my cuticles have decided that Now Is The Time To Declare War and I’m not even able to conjure a fraction of the effort required to think in a straight line.

Potpourri!, how we’ve missed you so.

I realize that I had Monday off.  But am I the only one who feels like this is just the longest week ever?

I’ve been sleeping like a rock, running like I just had four days off (oh wait…I did), and cooking up a storm.

But in all seriousness, today was long to the point where it was painful.

I did not love that.

I did love that The Pink Pelican (purveyors of my Engagement Party/Rehearsal Dinner dress and Wedding Reception dress) sent me a copy of the most recent Lilly Pulitzer catalog.

I mean, if 40 pages of brightly-patterned frocks don’t raise your spirits, I don’t know what can, honestly.

In the meantime, Marcus has kindly informed me that we now have four hours of DVR action to watch.  The downward spiral starts here.

Capturing the spirit of some bandits actioning a hold-up, I ended up forking over $6.90 in fines to the Hennepin County Library.

Some people like to think of it as “charity.”  I like to think of it as I Wasn’t Really Planning On Stealing Them But Thanks Anyway.

I’d like to say that my out-of-control behavior on the reading materials-front ends there.  But I still haven’t even been able to THINK about picking up the February issues of ELLE and Vogue.

Reassuringly or not, I already have the March issues of…Everything.

I take it all back.  The DVR isn’t the downward spiral, my piles of magazines are.

I absolutely can’t get over the arrangement that Kate Middleton wore to the Lifeboat launch today.  I can’t be the only person who feels like The Royal Wedding and a lifetime of public appearances to follow is basically the equivalent of the Sloaney/Preppy fashion gods promising that manna will fall from the sky.


Give thanks, kittens.

And I’m obsessing a little bit over the New York Times Magazine piece on Heather Armstrong AKA Dooce.  The way I see her, she’s not so much of an idol as that cool aunt who is almost young enough to be your cousin.  But ohmigod, she does it so well.

Speaking of The New York Times, can I just take a moment to say how thankful I am that they kept Mark Bittman on as an opinion columnist?  When he announced that The Minimalist was ending, my heart just about broke.

We are saved.

Longest Week Ever: True or False?


10 responses to “Potpourri!

  1. “fashions gods promising that manna will fall from the sky” is probably one of my most favoritest lines of all times in a blog post about fashion (or, sort of about fashion. for part of it at least).

    Love, love, love that outfit. Can you please show us how to rock something similar without looking like doufuses? mmmkthanks

  2. The beginning of the week did seem long, but my weekend has started earlier than usual.
    Oh my gosh, Kate Middleton’s outfit? ADORABLE. I especially dig the shoes.
    Hope you get caught up in all of your things!

  3. I loved Kate Middleton’s outfit! I’m pretty sure she can wear anything and look good.

  4. I totally agree with the girls – I freakin’ loved her outfit at the lifeboat ceremony.
    Why can’t we all be a size 2 and look that damn good!! Too bad my bank account could not justify the expenses it also requires to look that damn good 😦
    Darn that menial desk job…hahahah

    I think we’ve all had one of those weeks Kat, hang in there – it’s Finally Friday!!

  5. ha! it’s sorta been a long week only because my tax return money came in and i wanna shop! but, gotta wait until after work tonight.
    not that i wanna buy a lot of “stuff”-just go to Trader Joes, Whole Foods and get whatever I want!! oh-and some weights. 🙂

  6. LOVE Kate. Unless she starts to do really bad things, I will really love her, she cannot do wrong in my eyes.

    I think that 4 days work-weeks are harder than 5 day ones- I swear that I end up with the same net outcome where my output and energies are involved.



  7. Truth. Longest week ever. Have a great weekend!
    Much love,

  8. I am TOTALLY stealing “joint-custody DVR.” Scott and I are the same way. There are sanctioned shows I may watch on my own (these are important, as I work at home, and I can NOT work in silence). And then we have the joint-custody ones. Which oddly now include a SyFy reality show about creature makeup and costuming. I think he drugs me beforehand.

    I am also obsessed with Dooce! I can’t believe she’s been blogging for 10 years!

  9. Definitely one of the longest weeks on record. Kate Middleton always brings it. Love her and her cutesy size 2. I am happy to hear that Mark Bittman has been retained. You are now officially my source of relevent media.

  10. Yes, this was definitely a LONG week. Glad it’s over but not sure if I’m ready for this coming week either. I have so many magazines to read and who knows if I’ll get to most of them before summer break begins.

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