A Lovely Monday, Regardless.

My haul. And yes, I am That Girl that believes you should opt-in and wear pink or red on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe, I used last night’s dinner as an excuse to drag The Holiday out over two days.

But Flowers and Love aside, this has been one of the most wonderful Mondays in recent memory.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t even think of the right word to describe how well I slept.

To the point where when my alarm went off, I wasn’t awake or AWAKE.  I was OHMIGODAWAKE.

It was practically unnatural.  And I don’t ever want to go back.  But I just have this feeling that as a result, tonight I’ll be banished to the Kingdom of the Tumbleweeds.

We have all been there.

Sleep and the evening hours aside, what I’ve loved the most about February, is getting daylight back.  I noticed it about a week ago when I pulled into the garage, walked into the house and started up the stairs.

At which point I realized that I didn’t have to flip on a light to make it up the stairs.  And that I could see the painting we have hanging in our foyer.

It was Amazing Stuff.

It also means that my sunnies et moi can return to our regular, good old-fashioned weekday nonsense.  I don’t want to say that wearing sunglasses is a hobby of mine, but it basically is.

December was kind of ruining my life like that.  I was NOT down with our weekend visitation schedule.

In addition to the sunlight making a big-time turnaround, the weather up here yesterday was just ridiculous, and will be for the rest of the week.  I think the verdict at the 10 PM newscast on Sunday was that we made it to…48 degrees?

As Marcus and I were scampering in and out of this grocery store and that, I totally cracked.

I was all like, ready to hop on a rooftop and shout, WINTER I FORGIVE YOU FOR EVERYTHING.  IT WASN’T YOU, IT WAS ME.

Hello, Stockholm Syndrome.

Are you having a “heat wave” where you are?

I can barely even bring myself to say it for fear of cursing myself, but this weekend I’m getting away to  locale where it looks like the temperatures might hit 70.  I die.  Expect details on that adventure soon!

Do you believe in wearing pink/red for Valentine’s Day?


22 responses to “A Lovely Monday, Regardless.

  1. This week is going to be absolutely fantastic here. Our highs are going to be lower 60s, cannot get better than this!

    You look gorgeous in that pic!

  2. I definitely buy in to the pink/red on Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to wear pink. Preferably with my favorite sunglasses. I wear them even on dreary winter days. I blame it on the snow glistening in my eyes, but really, I just need them as an accessory.

  3. The number of people I saw in shorts yesterday…I did bow to the sun enough to just wear a fleece. But it’s hard to get too psyched about anything less than 50 degrees.

  4. First of all, I fully-support wearing pink/red on Valentine’s Day. I will also be sporting something green on St. Patty’s Day and something at least semi-patriotic on the 4th of July. I don’t care if I look ridiculous, it makes me feel like I am celebrating even if I am really sitting in class or working.

    Second, when I got home today I decided to open all the windows and the sliding door in my apartment to let the warm breeze come through. It was amazing…

  5. There’s pretty much always a heat wave going on here, at least compared to the Midwest. We had a beautiful Valentine’s Day. And I definitely wore bright pink.

  6. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous. And I wore pink today too 🙂

  7. What lovely flowers! And yes, I tend to lean towards wearing pink or red.

  8. It was really warm this weekend, but it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week 😦 I guess I can’t complain, because it’s still in the 60s!

  9. Oh yay for warm weather!

    Also, I’m totally with you on opting into pink on Valentine’s day…it’s just more cheerful!

  10. heat wave?! I’m livin in an igloo!!!!!! so jealous!

  11. it’s funny, cuz when the whole country east of us was in blizzard mode, we were in the upper 50s and sunny.
    now that everyone else is havin’ a heatwave, we’re in the 40s and nothing but rain and wind 😦

  12. totally wear pink and I had the windows open on Sunday and this AM when I was lifting! PS- tagged you 🙂


  13. It’s been a little but warm so far this week. Friday we are supposed to be in the 60’s, and I can’t wait!!!
    I definitely think you should a little pink or red into your wardrobe for Valentine’s Day.

  14. Love the flowers!! Gorgeous!

    I forgot to wear pink yesterday, but I’m wearing double pink today…does that count?

  15. I wore pink on Valentines Day too!

  16. Great picture of you, my little beautimous one!
    Also, Marcus did a great job on the flowers (jon did too…impressive men we have here).

  17. I want it to be spring in the WORST way!!! Where are you located again?

  18. Flowers are gorgeous. I love daylight coming back, too. It’s still light at 6pm!
    we are kind of having a heat wave here. 30s today, but it has been in the 40’s!

  19. aw, you look so pretty in that picture, girl! er…not that i’m hitting on you or anything…..

    ya know we WERE super hot over here (107 degrees some days) but now we’re actually cooling off to like 80. i know, i know, it’s a rough life…. 🙂

  20. We ARE actually having a “heatwave,” it’s going to be 50 degrees tomorrow! I can’t wait! And awr, your flowers look so purty! I’m like you, red/pink must be worn on Valentine’s Day. It’s like a law or something.

  21. Gorgeous flowers!
    And yes, I am loving this 40 degree weather!

  22. Yes, it is supposed to be 70s over this way this weekend! I’m loving it and hope that it stays this warm. Oh, and Ive never been, but I have seen the show and think you should go to DC cupcakes and tell us all about it!

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