Valentine’s Day

I know, I know.  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  But I think we can all agree that it’s just tricky when The Big Day falls on a weekday.

We celebrated tonight and I feel like the rest of the world celebrated…well, yesterday.  So I don’t feel bad about doing our Valentine’s Day beat-down now.

A look back at Valentine’s Days of years past…

On the first Valentine’s Day that Marcus and I could have possibly spent together when we were just barely (barely!) starting to date, Marcus texted me to find out what my plans for the evening were (yes, on February 14th) and then proceeded not to send any sort of follow-up to my response.

I ended up eating the entire chocolatey-inside part out of a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake with my roommate.  Catharsis.

Valentine’s Day.

For our first “official” Valentine’s Day together, we went to Fuji-Ya which was the sushi place we had our first “official” date.  That means that this would also be the place where we bluffed our way through a full sushi dinner, each of us assuming that the other actually ate sushi on a regular basis.

For the record, that charade totally disintegrated when we both had to eat one of the end pieces of the soft-shell crab roll and we had pincers sticking out of our mouths.

It was mortifying stuff, really.

So back to the actual dinner, having finally mastered the art of eating sushi (and copious amounts of it at that) we tried to make small-talk as we watched another couple have an epic break-up fight from across the restaurant.

Valentine’s Day.

We’re not even remotely sure as to what we did for our second Valentine’s Day together.  I can’t even tell you if I got Marcus a gift and if so, what it was.

What I can tell you is that Marcus gave me a coffee mug with my face on it, a la The Office.  I adored it until I left it behind at the sorority house to cement my legacy.

My vanity knows no bounds, really.

Valentine’s Day.

Last year we had dinner at Bacio.  We exchanged $10 gifts and I Gave Thanks that Marcus proposed while we were in Hawaii.  Prior to our trip (it was at the end of January) I was practically having kittens over the situation.

I mean just think about it.

There is no universe in which a $10 gift is greater than OR equal to a proposal and ring.

There is a universe in which a $150 dinner comes on the house.

Valentine’s Day.

This year, since we were going to be out-of-town for the weekend, we agreed that we wanted to do something low-key.  Marcus requested risotto (apparently I’ve been holding out on him all winter) and I obliged.

We ended up actioning a doctored-up version of Risotto Flavored with Lemon and Herbs from 365 Recipes and an interpretation of Rachael Ray’s Grainy Mustard Dressed Chicken.

At some point, I’ll post my recipe for the chicken, since I’m 100% positive that it doesn’t even remotely resemble what Rachael made that fateful evening in November.

Yes, this is on a salad plate. In order to work on my portion control (normal portions look extremely lonely on a real plate), I basically don’t ever eat on full-sized plates anymore. That being said, I ALWAYS go back for seconds 🙂

I haven’t received my gift yet, but I have good reason to believe that there might be another coffee mug or two waiting with my name on them.  😉

Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least, kittens, for a Valentine’s Day treat, I give you our Soulmate in Sartorial Crime, The Man Repeller.

Ironically it was my brother, Billy, who turned me on to her.  So if you’re already familiar, please accept my apologies for the double gifting.  But failing that, you need to mobilize.  At once.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

Even though we celebrated today, I know I definitely plan on wearing some sort of rockin’ pink arrangement to work tomorrow.  It’s just My Way.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day horror stories?


8 responses to “Valentine’s Day

  1. I love all of your Valentine’s stories!! Last year – Ben Actually cooked!! Holy heck! This year, I’m doing the cooking, and we’re not doing gifts. Budgets and time for shopping, and a lack of space for “stuff” made this an easy gift to get out of.

    But my all time horror – I got dumped in an e-mail on Valentine’s Day. (Long term relationship that was long distance..) Awesome. And then proceeded to get asked out to that same day by a nice enough, but semi-skeezzy guy with halitosis. Not quite my favorite holiday ever…

  2. Aw, despite having some not so great Valentine’s days, the whole thing turned out pretty well it looks like!

  3. I never put any pressure on Valentine’s Day, as long as I’m with my guy and there’s chocolate in some shape or form, I’m a happy girl! One year, we even ordered a pizza in the shape of a heart, it was actually kind of awesome. Have a great day!

  4. Have an awesome vday!! 🙂

  5. Hahaha – thanks for sharing The Man Repeller link. I think it’s gonna be a new fashion favourite for me, along with Go Fug Yourself.

    No v-day plans. My husband’s out of town and am busy with schoolwork. But he did send me some flowers, and I bought the kids some super cute stuffed animals and chocolates (of course). No horror stories to share. I’ve been celebrating with the same guy for 17 years (yikes! I don’t feel that old, but apparently I am….), and now that we have kids, we’ve definitely lost a bit of the romance – but not that loving feeling! haha Hope you had a great day. 🙂

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  7. Ha, thankfully I don’t have any horror stories. Reading your comment on my blog, I think you had a great V day!

  8. Kaia and I were blessed to have Mom/Grandma here with us for the big day this year. Other than that, an unexciting, normal day at school was had.

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