A Bit of Admin

Despite the fact that the Dust Bunnies are basically building their own version of Fort Knox on the living room floor, for some reason I feel the need to do a bit of admin on this side to get things in order.

1. I’m moving all of my cooking chat to Fridays.  I love cooking.  I love sharing what’s going on in our kitchen with y’all.  But I don’t want to turn this into a food blog (any more than I want to turn it into a healthy living or a style blog…I think we can all agree that my area of expertise is Living Life) and lately, I seem to be slapping WAY too many pictures of this dinner or that up.

Since Marcus and I rarely (if ever) cook on Fridays, that seems like the perfect time to do a run-down of the week’s kitchen-capades.  Obviously if we’re going to a festively-themed potluck or something of that nature, it might warrant an entirely separate post.  But we’ll see how that goes.

On the other side of the coin, is there anything you want to see more of?

2. In the next few weeks (it could be sooner, it could be later), expect a post on how Marcus and I do our grocery budgeting/shopping.  I’ve gotten more than a few questions and comments section about that and I’m more than happy to share.  Please take note, we do not buy in bulk, and besides the fact that the stores we do the majority of our shopping at don’t “do” coupons, I lack the energy, patience OR organization to engage in Couponing.

So please accept my apologies, but I will NOT be able to educate you in those Dark Arts.

3. I think I reached my I ate Oatmeal for breakfast INSERT PICTURE OF BOWL HERE – saturation point today.  Skinny Runner’s post perfectly encapsulates my feelings on why I’m not a food blogger and Tina’s  latest post on Carrots ‘n Cake (while I appreciate her belated honesty) illustrates why I believe that healthy living blogging can be, for some, an extremely dangerous dance.  When someone chooses to share 90% of what they’re eating or embracing for a fitness routine, it’s FAR too easy to believe that it’s the entire picture (or play fill-in-the-blanks with the last 10%), regardless of what disclaimers you slap on it.

Or, to put it bluntly, I don’t read your blog to read about someone that you aren’t.

Through my comments and my clicks, I will continue to support healthy living bloggers who I believe are being true to themselves and their readers.  The wonderful part about both of these communities is that there are so many women who are working every day to make healthy, lasting, real lifestyle changes.  A few PERFECT examples as of late would be Ann’s letter to herself last week and Tina’s unapologetic post about the reality of her post-partum exercise routine.  They were both so immediate and so honest.  I was just floored, really

Given that my stance is as such and today is apparently one giant Honesty Box (thank you Facebook for so many applications that we really NEVER needed), my disclaimer of the day is that you should really avoid shopping for a smaller pair of work pants the day before That Time Of Month.  You’re only setting yourself up for failure.  And I will not be diving into that bag on the floor of my closet until next week.

4. There was a moment this weekend in which I had a total FACEPALM moment.  Ems (one of my bridesmaids) and I were doing the wine tasting-thing and she was talking with another girl about the semester she spent abroad in Scotland at St. Andrews.  And then I experienced a moment that was kind of straight-out of A Beautiful Mind where I realized she had been at the University at the same time as William and Kate.  At which point she informed me that she actually had run into Prince William at the Tesco.  How she could have overlooked a detail SO critical to the very foundation of our friendship was beyond both of us.  There was lots of shrieking involved.

What’s your perspective on accountability in the healthy living community?

I’ll be the first to tell you that blogging is based off of a few snapshots in one person’s life on any given day.

But I do believe that when you’re posting more than once a day with explicit details about your meals and workouts, you do have a certain amount of obligation to your readers as a role model.  That’s how we as a community are able to establish what things like real, normal and predictable outcomes are.

Have you ever had a Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?-moment with one of your friends?


20 responses to “A Bit of Admin

  1. I completely agree with you on the healthy living blogger thing- especially the posting daily eats, I think Skinny Runner had it right when she said it is just a tool for comparing. I like reading blogs that talk about other things, their lives, and come across as honest and genuine- like you do!

  2. SkinnyRunner

    hey, thanks for the shoutout!

  3. I’ve heard that type of thing mentioned in blogs a lot with foodie blogs. They might not say something that they ate, or think they’ll be judged on. Blogs aren’t supposed to be fiction… well, unless that’s the whole idea of the blog. But I guess that’s another story altogether.
    I think it’s sometimes nicer when blogs aren’t all on one specific topic because then that’s ALL they can talk about. If they have an opinion on something else, it doesn’t fit with the theme.

  4. I am horrified your friend didn’t tell you that sooner! I have moments like that with my mom. Apparently there are a lot of family secrets I am just now finding out about 🙂

  5. haha I love this post for a lot of reasons.
    The main reason is that I NEVER post about oatmeal because it is boring. However, this week marks my first post on oatmeal, and you commented about how sucky that is.
    Touche Kat. Touche.

    I’m filing this one under “My blog has a bajillion ways it can improve and zero ways it can get worse”.

  6. I hear ya-I don’t post EVERYTHING I eat, I should prob do a disclaimer! I don’t have time to snatch a pic of the handful of blueberries I grabbed, ya know?! Great post!

  7. Really interesting point about lifestyle blogs…definitely something to think about when reading all that’s out there.

    How fun that your friend was at St. Andrew’s at the same time as William and Kate! I kind of love when my friends and I have the “wait, how did I not know this?” conversations!

  8. I completely agree with you on the healthy living blogs! I was thinking the same thing while reading some recent posts and I 100% agree that these blogs can be dangerous, especially if someone is training for an intense athletic competition like a marathon.

    I Love your blog and thank you for being honest! I would enjoy a post on grocery budgets because I am always trying to improve mine!

  9. Ready for the next head smacking moment? This shall be our next conversation: http://www.katekennedyclub.org.uk/

  10. if it were possible to fist pump to a post, I would to this- three cheers for knowing when to take things with a grain of salt and having a 6th sense about things.


  11. First of all, thanks for tracking back to those other posts about the healthy living blogging community, it’s inspiring my next post. And now my mind is racing trying to figure out my next post. You’re def getting a shout out once it’s up.

    Second of all, the why didn’t you tell me sooner usually involves boys. I’ll casually bring up an old hook up and my friend flips out that I never told her. haha it’s making me laugh just thinking about it.

  12. I agree with what your saying. I do post my daily eats, but that’s more accountabilty for myself at the moment. I don’t consider my blog healthy living, but more how to live making healthy choices. I consider my blog and other blogs learning tools.
    I try to be completely honest on what I blog about. I have blogged about embarrassing things that I might do, but feel like if I don’t I’m not being true to my blog.

  13. I hate those moments with where you feel like you found something out WAY too late. Especially when it involves your friends. Those moments are hurtful – and hard to work through, but worth it for the sake of the friendship.
    Much love,

  14. Thank you for the link and reference to my letter to myself. I think that if you approach the blogging community as an opportunity to be honest with YOURSELF, you can’t fail. Meaning, if I am no talking about my successes AND failures and really examining WHAT and WHY, I am doing a huge dis-service to the whole point of this weight-loss journey. You are right – it’s a “snapshot” of that day, or that hour, during this weight-loss journey, and if you pick and choose what you will and won’t talk about (i.e. only food shots, or only the “great’ workotus), then you aren’t really being true to your journey – and how can you expect others who ARE being true to themselves to continue to support you?

    Sorry – that was long-winded. The point is – I LOVE reading those “authentic” weight-loss bloggers, and I totally agree with you. 🙂

  15. One thing that I forgot to tell you? As I was digging through your eclectic inheritance I came across another jewel from you Grandmother – the Queen’s silver jubilee cup. I found it about 2 months ago and just never have mentioned it!

  16. Love your honesty and I couldn’t agree more. I’m over the oatmeal pictures. It’s not that exciting 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  17. to tell you the truth, it never really occured to me that i would try and emulate someone else’s eating patterns. (i usually read the “superfoods” lists you see around, and work that into my diet. plus chocolate.) but i guess there comes a certain responsibility when you put anything into print (or the net) because there are susceptible minds out there and your work is open to interpretation. i often wonder if people think i’m promoting an all chocolate diet. although that would be nice – not true, my friend, not true.

  18. Kat–I so appreciate your honesty and candor. I like to read blogs written honestly, unafraid to celebrate successes, or laugh and learn from foibles. Especially the foibles. I can relate to that, whereas blogs in which the writer seems too perfect seem unattainable to me.

    You get bonus points for attempting organization. I should take note.

  19. Well said!! I hate when people use their blogs to try and make others believe their life is something it is not. Your honesty and candidness are two of the many reasons I look forward to reading your blog everyday 🙂

  20. Ive always loved your blogs and your posts. I have no suggestions. Ill read it any way you write it . . . even if I have to read 20 at a time since I am sucking in the time management department as of late.

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