A Life in Crisis

Kittens, there’s a method to my madness today, so please just bear with me for a moment.

See, the thing is, for the last week or so, I’ve wanted to go on a cookbook buying-spree.

There’s a couple of Indian cookbooks that have caught my eye…I think we can all agree that I’m Committed To The Cause.

And one by Melissa Clark that I would just LOVE to get my mitts on.  She co-authored The Skinny, which is my healthy-living Bible, so what she says goes in my world.

Then there’s Time for Dinner which is brought to us c/o Dinner: A Love Story.  Anyone who is trying to plate a fast, REAL dinner that’s palatable to children and grown-ups alike always warrants further inspection.

But care of a little seed planted in my head by Mads, I realized that I could check them out from the library.

Little Miss Innovative, right here.

On the other side of the coin, shopping-it-out might be the best option.

Shopping = Retail Therapy.  At the moment, I require soothing and there’s not some sort of DIY journal-kit at Michael’s for what I’m going through right now.

You see, I don’t make my next cut and color appointment when I leave the salon.  Because sometimes its three months…and sometimes it’s five.  My hair grows at a snail’s pace (literally) and so where lesser mortals have to visit the salon every six weeks or so, I can go months on end without darkening their doorstep.

And so I do.

Right now?  It’s definitely time for the situation to be addressed.  But my stylist is booked every Saturday for the next two months.

That doesn’t really work for me.

I’m not in meltdown-mode…yet.  But at the moment, I barely know what to do with myself.

Like, do I use a box?  Do I quit him cold-turkey?  How do you even find another stylist?

Or worse, do I go during the week?

I am living A Life In Crisis right now.

Are there any cookbooks you’re dying to buy?

Do you go to a specific stylist?

Separately, Tim (yes, I told my stylist about the blog), if you’re reading this, for love of God e-mail me so we can figure something out.  I need you.

14 responses to “A Life in Crisis

  1. (a) buy cookbooks on amazon the are pretty much always on sale

    (b) box it until you can get some face to face with your stylist. if you don’t like the box color it is only like $10, however another stylist doing a color that you don’t like is much more costly

    (c) that is it

  2. Try ebay for cookbooks if you must purchase, but I am a library lover.

    I would actually not do it out of a box if you get regular color professionally. It’s def. not the same thing and it can take awhile to get the right look back. And this is from a box girl, believe it! Whenever I do it.

    I have a great stylist (sorry, Tim!) if you need anyone. She’s in SLP and she’s AWESOME! In fact, I shall plug her anyway in case Tim is too busy for your besties. Her name is Nicollette and she’s the stylist at The Hair District in SLP.

  3. I just ordered The Skinny on Amazon! It was a mere 7 bucks. I agree with Galina–while the library is great, it’s not so great if you’re going to be photocopying recipes out of each cookbook. Personally, I’ve always wanted the quintessential red & white checkered Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.

    As for the stylist… I don’t have much input since I’m very impartial when it comes to who cuts my hair! Try someone new just this time and perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised… (sorry Tim).

  4. Oooo. If you love your stylist, I’d be weary of trusting someone else with color. I’ve done it before. Went in a Strawberry Blond. Came out Lucille Ball red. Great on her. Not so much on me.

    I read cookbooks like novels. If it’s one I’m not sure about, I might check it out at the library to see if I’ll like it. Most of the time, I just get from Amazon and hope for the best. I’m rarely disappointed.

  5. Go check out Half Priced Books for cookbooks. They have a million to chose from and majority are brand new. Amazon is great too but this way you dont have to wait for them to come in the mail and its fun to see all of your options!!

  6. I’m wanting to try some new clean eating cook books.

    Lol! Hope everything works out!

  7. When you find a stylist you love – stay! It is so hard to find a new one. I love mine and am only changing if one of us moves.
    Much love,

  8. My stylist’s name is Sean-Robert and he has a giant pair of scissors tattooed on his chest. He’s faaaaabulous.

  9. my hair is the same way! about 2 years ago i went in for a haircut and told my newfound stylist i didn’t need to make another appointment yet, because my hair grows so slowly.
    about a year later i made another appointment with her and went in. she was SHOCKED to see how little my hair had grown-3 inches tops.
    then again, I was shocked because she was now bald from having going through chemotherapy 😦
    alot happens in a year, no?
    anyway!! i hope you can get in to see your stylist ASAP 🙂

  10. Old guy trick – ask the stylist to call you when someone cancels…. Also, tip well.

  11. I used to go to Supercuts because I was so sick of trying to find a good stylist. I only recently became semi-committed to one person and he’s expensive so I’m considering cheating on him again. Unfortunately I have utterly unhelpful here – I’m sorry.

    Good luck finding someone new my friend!!

  12. Aw, poor thing. I hope it gets all worked out! I go months between visits too, partly because I’m cheap though . . . um, no, that’s not why, I always look perfect! I don’t go to the same stylist currently. I may someday but right now I’m kinda “shopping around” to see if I find a fave. I have in the past used the same person but usually I’ll go to anyone, ’cause I’m brave like that 😉 Cookbooks, I agree, I love them all!

  13. Yay! Ive finally caught up!

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