An Extra 10 Seconds of Effort

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I attempted to apply blush.  To my forehead.

Ooops.  My B.

I’m all about the bronzed look, and the sunburned look comes fairly naturally for me.

But the covered in unnaturally-colored body shimmer look?

Died in 7th grade.  Which, coincidentally, was when my dignity first arrived on the scene and I stopped buying cosmetics at Bath & Body Works.  Fact.

Ironically, this was FAR more concerning to me at 6:30 AM than the ~3″ of snow I had waiting for me on my commute.

An extra 25 minutes of driving?  No big deal.

Rolling into the office looking like I attempted a couture interpretation of circus clown?  Problematic.

Thank you, Monday, for the way you make every week feel so fresh and exciting.

Another night, another dish.  I know, I know.  The Mania continues.

Tonight, we made Mom’s Green Chile and Chicken Enchiladas.

Marcus and I have made enchiladas on more than one occasion, but y’all know that if Jenna says DO, then We Heed The Call.

I mean, at this point, it’s just silly not to.

More practically, we have a couple of busy nights this week and required a meal that would have a high leftover-yield (read: More than just a day worth of lunches).

Behold: The solution.

An unholy mess.

I almost made this dish with one can of enchilada sauce instead of the required two.  I was perplexed and trying to figure out why an otherwise ample amount of sauce would need to be doubled.

What I didn’t realize is that some of the sauce was meant to go INSIDE the enchiladas.

Thank god for reading the recipe all the way through, right?  Asking Marcus to stop by the grocery store on his way home from work was definitely worth the extra 10 seconds of effort.

Have you ever attempted anything on the order of my beauty-bumble?  Used lip liner instead of eyeliner?


22 responses to “An Extra 10 Seconds of Effort

  1. Haha oh no. I have eyeliner problems sometimes- I stink at putting it on 🙂

  2. I once mistaked eye shadow for bronzer. In my defense it was in a round palette and was four different shades of brown.

  3. Actually, I really have used lip liner as eyeliner once. I was thinking, “This eyeliner is going on weird…” I didn’t figure it out until my mom pointed it out to me.
    Enchiladas are extremely delicious, but I could be biased because I love Mexican food in general.

  4. Bath and Body Works sells cosmetics?? seriously??

    worst beauty blunder is buying the wrong shade of foundation. it sucks.

  5. In the a.m. I just throw on mascara and foundation and head out-eyeliner comes out at night!
    Those enchiladas-DELISH!!!!!!

  6. wow-those enchiladas look SO good!!
    makeup……*sigh* i’m such a hot mess when it comes to makeup. 2 years ago i just gave up completely. no more makeup for me! 😀
    i always had eyeliner rubbing off or going into my eyes. mascara flaking off into my eyes. i was afraid to ever touch my face in case it rubbed off the foundation. i was constantly worried about getting lipgloss/lipstick on my teeth. it never lasted more than 15 minutes anyway and i don’t want to waste my time and energy reapplying it.
    i’m not meant to wear makeup! LOL!

  7. I only wear eyeliner and blush. And for special ocassions I will add some mascara. But I need some good eye wrinkle cream! Waaah, I’m not old enough to have these wrinkles!

  8. When I’m in a rush, I do some ridic things. I have a tendency to wash my face with shampoo in the shower. WHY!

  9. Oh Kat – if you could only see my attempts at makeup you’d feel so much better about your own mishap. No joke – I look like a clown anytime I get near blush and eyeshadow. So I don’t bother! Hence why I always look unkempt.

    Stay warm over there my friend! And safe.

  10. Hey, you’re getting ahead of yourself! A nice technique with blush is to apply the remainder of it on the brush to the bridge of your nose, and a touch on your chin/forehead after you’ve defined your cheeks.

  11. Those enchiladas look great!

    One morning, I was attempting to put on face lotion after my shower and I accidentally put some of it in my hair. Oops! My brain was foggy and I was thinking about putting my hair stuff on. Oh well. Didn’t hurt my hair too bad. 🙂

  12. I love glitter almost as much as I love cheese

  13. I was always taught to swipe a little blush over my forehead to replicate a sunkissed look…so perhaps you were subconsciously channeling that advice.

    Hope that you conquered the snow and stayed nice and toasty!

  14. Your dinner looks delicious!

    I once used cream eyeshadow as a lip gloss in a state of desperation. I dont recommend it.

  15. My cheeks are naturally flushed, so I never use blush. Not in a cute way, though- in a more rosacea way!

  16. I was so tired the other day, I put on a full face of makeup before realizing that I had never put on my moisturizer. My face was totally dry and flaky. I didnt even bother to fix it. Straight up walked out the door in all my dryness!

  17. Your enchilada dish looks perfect for a week full of leftovers! Any casserole I make in a 13 x 9 pan guarantees a week’s worth of eats 🙂

    Hope you have a great week (and survive any future makeup blunders!)

  18. I broke my eye line pencil the other day and used it with out realizing it. Oops, lets just say it was definitely a makeup blunder!

    The enchiladas look yummy!!!!

  19. Those enchiladas look awesome.

    I wear less & less make-up now, so when I put it all on, I look a bit clown-ish. I’m either out of practice, or just not used to it all anymore. I did once use eyeshadow as eyeliner using a stiff applicator for about 6 months when I could find my favorite shade. Not a good look.

    For Rom/Coms, I can’t get enough of “10 Things I Hate About You,” “The Holiday,” or “While You Were Sleeping.”

  20. I thought you meant your Mother’s enchiladas…

  21. You mean blush doesnt go on the forehead?! No!!! I love your food pictures. They always make me hungry and wish I was cooking more.

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