Warm. Content. Blessed.

Kittens, some weekends are overscheduled.  Others, not so much.  I’m not entirely sure where this one falls (though certainly more scheduled than not), but I do know that I have had some seriously wonderful moments this weekend that have just left me feeling…Warm.  Content.  Blessed.

I had a phone-happy hour with Lis.

Some of you might be wondering, What, specifically, IS phone-happy hour?

For Clarity: We each poured ourselves a glass of wine at 5:00 on a Friday, hopped on the phone, and proceeded to address all of the most important current events in our lives.

There were many.

I caught up with Erica.  She informed me that she was seriously considering adding a canister to her kitchen set for Funfetti Cake Mix.  I told her she had my whole-hearted support for that life home-improvement project.

Tiffany and I had a lovely dinner at Bacio.  We ate more crusty bread than could ever possibly be considered appropriate.

I know some people warn you off the bread basket when you’re out at dinner so that you can “save” calories for something else more…nutritious?  Filling?  Since Marcus and I don’t exactly have a kitchen full of refined carbs, I figure a rampage every Once In A Blue Moon is more than just acceptable, it’s necessary.

Especially when it’s at your favorite restaurant.  And they serve The Best Crusty Bread.

AND (the most fun surprise that I barely even wanted to think about because I didn’t want to jinx it!) this morning, Ameena and I got to meet-up over tea at Brit’s.  I started reading her blog this fall (how the Internets brought us together we are entirely unsure) and when she let me know she was coming into town this weekend, I was SO EXCITED (yes, it’s worth all the caps).

This is the part of the post where I’m supposed to show you glamorous pictures of us meeting up wearing really adorable ‘fits and drinking tea.

But the thought of taking a snap of the situation didn’t even cross my mind.  So just imagine us in cardigans and boots-arrangements (she had some seriously ferosh over-the-knee ones) sitting by a window, in a pub drinking tea.

It was weird (you know, since we were actually meeting for the first time) and wonderful (it was just like catching up with an old friend) and I am SO glad that it all came together the way it did.

Naturally, check her out.

And now, because I have to go to Casino night I’ve got to do what I do best and attend to my Mitts + Paws.

Have you had any wonderful moments this weekend?

Have you ever done a blogger meet-up?

This was actually my first one (I went to the Minnesota Blogger Conference this fall, but that wasn’t really to “meet-up”) and as I confessed to Ameena, I was nervous!  Obviously, that feeling disappeared ASAP.


12 responses to “Warm. Content. Blessed.

  1. I went to the prior fat girl get together and met Jen. She was the nicest! I don’t know if that is considered a blogger meet up though. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I haven’t done a blogger meetup.

    My weekends are full of tiny little warmies these days because I’ve had lots of time to just hang with the baby. I tend to be an overscheduler, especially in the warmer months. I am always about getting Wee ‘Burb out of the house. So it’s kind of nice when we don’t have a big agenda and can just sit and play for a few hours. Silly things make me smile like when she uses her toy lipstick and puts it on her lips and then mine. Or when she grabs a book and crawls in my lap and stares intently at me, knowing I will drop whatever I am doing to read it to her.
    These are the good times I hold on to when she’s throwing a tantrum or not napping.

  3. aw, that’s great that you got to meet up with Ameena, she is a seriously funny chick. my weekend was…rather tame actually. had drinks on friday and just been enjoying the Australian sun. hope you’re enjoying the rest of yours! 🙂

  4. I love your phone happy hour idea!! I’m totally going to start that with some of my friends who live far away 🙂

    I heart Ameena. I’ve never met her in real life, but she’s one of my favorite blogsters 🙂

  5. My weekend has been full of wonderful moments with friends and family. I feel very blessed!

  6. How very awesome! So excited for you that you got to meet up. I had no super exciting moments this weekend but I did finish a paper, yay!

  7. I love your phone happy hour- how cute! I haven’t had a blogger meet up, but I’d really like to 🙂

  8. I hate talking on the phone, but that’s a cute idea!

  9. Phone happy hour is brilliant! I haven’t had the opportunity for a blogger meet up, but I would relish it. How fun! Cardigan and boot-arrangements are always appropriate.

  10. Kat- my only regret about meeting you is that we didn’t get to talk longer! I had a wonderful time and as I said, I knew that there would be zero awkwardness because I could tell from your blog that you are awesome.

    I hope that the all-you-can-eat sushi was fabulous. I just paid $9.81 for 6 pieces of subpar California Roll at Wok n Roll at the Minneapolis airport. It was wrong on so many levels.

  11. Kris and I are thinking about hosting a MN Bloggers pot luck!!! We will keep you posted!!!

  12. I met my BFF from Live Journal many many years ago. She lived 10hrs away and drove to see me the 1st time we met. She lives much further now, but we still see each other as much as possible.

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