You Can’t Just Un-See

Yesterday, I was informed that the Superbowl isn’t this weekend, it’s next weekend.

S0 here I was, fretting about what to bring for The Big Game.  A dip? Something that involves the oven? A new recipe?  A tried + true favorite? And really, it was all in vain.

Yes, another week gives me the chance to kick back and relax.  But we all know that what it really means is that I’ll spend the next seven days planning it all over again.

Since I no longer had to decide whether or not I would read Vogue in my free time or bring it with to the party (which might have been inappropriate, but it seemed like a totally logical solution to me), I’ve been taking care of business.

And in that process, I’ve been gently reminded that some things you can’t just un-see.  Like the Arch-Rivals spread in the January 2011 issue of Vogue.

Y’all know there are just some trends I can’t get on-board with.  Like those Plaid/Lumberjack shirts that people insisted on running around in last winter.

For the record, if you were one of those people, I still respect you.   Y’all know it’s just not how I roll.  For better or worse, I’m a Patent Leather-Pearls-Cardigan-Polo-Ballet Flats-Neon Print-type of girl.  I’ve never known any other way.

But platform shoes?  When we slammed the door on those in 1999, I NEVER looked back.

We should have seen it coming.  We brought back clogs last winter  (1997, We Missed You!).  And some people would have us believing that cargo pockets are an acceptable sartorial choice.

Denial? Not just a river in Egypt.

In case you need some refreshing as to why Platform Shoes are the Devil’s playthings, let me bring you back to the 6th grade at West Middle School.  I had not one, but two SUPER-CUTE pairs of shoes that fell into the “Platform” category.

Public Enemy #1: A pair of slate blue Sketchers sneakers with a three-inch platform.  They were not fashion.  They were not function.  They were purely WTF?

Public Enemy #2: More subtle than the first, these were a pair of black foam sandals from Target’s Xhilaration line.  Only two inches off of the ground, these bad boys had a woven faux-bamboo sole and an electric blue butterfly-flower arrangement embroidered on the outside of each sandal strap.

When I wore those things, I thought that I was All That.

Like I said before, I NEVER LOOKED BACK.

Kittens, I thought we were Home Free after we miraculously bypassed the Parachute Pants phase.  But I die a little bit inside when I suspect that the next thing to return to the scene could be the white peasant skirt.

But our future has already been written.

What’s one trend you just CANNOT get on-board with?  What’s one trend you don’t even want to admit you embraced?


14 responses to “You Can’t Just Un-See

  1. I totally rocked the grunge look. Boys pants and flannel shirts. I wish those were trendy in the sense that they were comfy and I dread Wee ‘Burb getting into these little short shorts and lingerie as clothing look.

  2. Yep, I used to wear JNCO jeans.

  3. That plaid shirt look? I think that’s the dress code for Oregonians or something, because EVERYONE wears those here. All of the time. I’ve never really been into it, but whether you’re a logger or a hippie, it’s the shirt for you.
    I can’t stand those sweaters that have the extra fabric hanging down the front. Just… no. It looks like you sewed the sweater wrong or something.

  4. Ugh, I have such bad memories of platform sandals! I remember those around the same time as butterfly clips…

  5. I cannot get on board with leggings as pants. No offense.

  6. Oh back in the day I guess you could call it the grunge look. Oh yes I wore combat boots and baby doll dresses…. I’m ashamed.

  7. Yay, I went to a West Middle School too! Haha 🙂 Ok, I must admit I am a fan of wedges, which are almost the same as platforms I suppose, though I never did much care for the platform flip flops. Also, when I was a little Khara I loved me some jelly shoes but I never dug the 80s big bold hair. Now, I am not a fan of the leggings/jeggings as pants. I know some ladies look killer in them but, generally, I feel they don’t work for most of us as outerwear.

  8. hahhaha I LOVE this! I literally chuckled aloud to myself reading about those fashion mistakes of the past. And I totally rocked those Target foam platform sandal things with the bamboo strap situation. What were we thinking?

    One trend I just can’t get on board with is skinny jeans–I know they’re cute, I know they’re super stylish, I just can’t get over the whole “emphasizing-my hip-to-ankle-ratio” thing 🙂

  9. oh my. where to start?
    i kind of liked the grunge look when it wasn’t “dirty” looking. if it was put together well, and on the right person, it’s cool. i liked the baby doll dress and combat boot combo and must admit i did rock it 😀
    i’d do it now if i wasn’t……older 😉
    i also had the HYUGE mall hair for a year or two.

    i simply cannot do skinny jeans or jeggings or ballet flats. my legs are too muscular and short. NOT flattering.
    i don’t really have any particular style, but i do love sundresses and A-line skirts when appropriate .

  10. I’m dreading the Superbowl… I live a hot minute from Cowboy stadium.

    I love the legging trend, but have yet to find a sweaterdress tunic thingy that looks decent on me when I wear them. So I just stick with around the house.

  11. I always forget about the week off from football, too.
    I can’t get into the legging as pants thing…or the jeggings thing, either.

  12. Ha ha ha. I think I’m wearing one of those plaid/lumberjack shirts right now! I love leggings for comfort reasons, but can never find the right top to go with them so they usually don’t make it out of the house on me. Also, I can’t do the high-waisted pencil skirts…they just don’t work on me so that’s a trend I skipped.

  13. I also rocked the combat boot/baby doll dress combo. I am not too proud to say that fishnet stockings occasionally reared their ugly head. It was quite The Look.

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