To die for.

Most important order of business: Happy Founders Day, Kappa Alpha Theta!

As much as I’d like for y’all to think that I’m On The Ball All The Time, I completely forgot about it until Ems e-mailed me this morning.  At which point I looked to my left (I work with one of my pledge sisters), wished Bri a Happy Founders Day and we went about our business.

In lieu of another lengthy post about the meaning of sisterhood, check out Five Years Ago Today, which is probably one of my favorite posts…ever.

Sisterhood aside, since our last wedding planning meeting, I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and so the whole thing is just a lot to take in.

The Real World Application: I’ve been cooking like a maniac (like you haven’t noticed) and the supply of chocolate chip cookies in our freezer is rapidly dwindling.

I know, I know.  I need to get a grip on the situation.  I mean for all we know, next week, I could be going after my mitts with new polish colors on a daily basis.

It would be time-consuming at best.

So for now, The Edible Nesting Cooking Mania seems like a manageable alternative.

Manageable: Tonight, the situation was a combination of goat cheese, artichoke hearts, olives, onions and tomatoes.  To die for.

And as I was basically face-planting into my plate, Marcus announced that he realized what it was that he so disliked about The Lasagna.

The goat cheese had been cooked.

I had to do a double-take too.

I know I’m amongst fellow cheese-lovers here.  So, throw your hands up in despair, roll your eyes, huff, and stomp your foot.

But you should also know that this is the man who let me spread garlic-stuffed green olives all far-and-wide across the pie, despite the fact that he would have to pick each and every single one off.

Lest I go without.

So we can cut him some slack this time, eh? 😉

Do you prefer to nest or cook?

Bloggers, do you have a favorite post of all-time?  If so, leave the link in the comments so that I can check it out!  It would be a lovely way to start the weekend 🙂


14 responses to “To die for.

  1. Happy Founder’s Day to you, too, Kat! Will you be there on Saturday to celebrate the wonderful holiday?!
    Much love,

  2. He doesn’t like goat cheese?! WHAT?!

  3. Some people can be terribly picky. And it is a sad, sad, thing for them.

  4. Goat cheese<—-obsessed. That pizza has all my fav things on it-I want one now…at 7 am!

  5. I bake during times of stress. And happiness. It’s totally about exerting control for me.

    For a more serious take, I like this post of mine:

    For funny I like one of my first posts:

  6. I love jen at Prior Fat Girl’s early entires in which she basically says “if you are sick of being fat, then do something about it!!!”

  7. Im super picky, but so is my hubby. Hence the reason why I have never tried exotic food like indian or thai. I simply am not brave enough to make it or go buy some! I need someone to buy some for themselves, and then give me a sample bite 😉

  8. Mmm goat cheese pizza sounds amazing right now!! Cooking is a great way for me to get out of a funk, especially if someone is willing to cook with me!

    Happy Founders Day!

  9. I’m not a nester, nor am I a cooker. I do like to bake though. Mainly because this entertains Maya and produces something – whereas just playing with her Legos will drive me certifiably insane.

    Ali would totally say something about cooked goat cheese…he and Marcus would get along fantastically I think.

  10. Crazy man! But yes, slack given. I think it looks num num! Happy Saturday!

  11. Shaking my head over the cooked goat cheese thing. But definitely giving props for allowing your smear of olives. That, in a nut-shell, is martial compromise. 🙂

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